8 Steps To Finding That Perfect Relationship

How To Get A Boyfriend: It's Time To Really Commit
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Follow these 8 steps to set effective goals for your relationship.

If you single and you are truly interested in being in a relationship, taking time to write out your goals can be a valuable tool in achieving your desires. This is not for the ambivalent or halfhearted dater. If you sort of want a relationship but also like your freedom, you may not be ready for this step.

If you are at the stage of giving dating "a try", hoping to find a good person, again you are not fully committed. If you are willing to clear your space and time and make some sacrifices, read on. If you are conflicted, need to forgive and heal, are holding on to a past love or have animosity towards the opposite sex, you are not ready to be in a relationship and this article will not be worth your time to read.

So now that you are reading on, you are on a serious and committed path to success in finding and enjoying a fabulous relationship. Grab a journal or pad of paper and pen and follow these 8 steps to effective goal setting:

1. Decide Clearly What You Want
Connect with burning desire. This is not a wishy-washy hope that it would be nice to be in a committed relationship. It is a clear intention. Feel that deep desire and make sure you are not conflicted in your mind because that will block or slow the process.

2. Write Your Goal On Paper
Create an affirmation and write it on a notecard, notebook or journal. For example, you could write: "I have attracted an ideal partner to me. I am enjoying a fabulous relationship with him/her." Write the statement in present tense and assume that what you want has already happened. You may also want to write out, separately, a list of positive attributes and "must haves" to clarify your vision.

3. Add A Time Frame
Depending on the time of the year, you may want to say "by the end of the year" or within 6 months.

4. Read Your Notecard Or Written Goal Three Times A Day
Ideally, read your goal first thing upon waking in the morning, some time during the day and just before going to sleep. Add some visualization of yourself as a couple, holding hands or enjoying a romantic dinner.

5. Develop A Plan Of Action.
Create a dating plan. Join an online dating site, hire a match making organization, or ask friends to introduce you to a single friend. Write out your plan and work that plan in some way every day.

6. Have Faith And Patience
Believe you will achieve your goal. Think about your goal throughout the day and make it your "magnificent obsession". If worry creeps in, stop it immediately and dwell on your desired outcome.

7. Share Your Goals With A Dating Coach Or Supportive Friend
Avoid sharing your objectives with dream stealers, naysayers, or someone who has been recently hurt in a relationship or never got over a past painful breakup. Negative people can derail your momentum and sabotage your progress.

8. Think And Act Confidently 
Dress well, be enthusiastic, smile and practice other desirable qualities and traits. Embrace the "As If" principle. Act as if what you want has already occurred. Maintain a positive attitude and belief that a meaningful relationship is possible for you.

You are worthy of a wonderful and special relationship. There is someone out there who will be a fabulous partner and loving companion in your life. Dare to step into belief and take action to make your dream come true.

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