A Positive Mindset:The Key To Happiness In Life And Relationships

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Positive thinking and communication make a big difference for you and the people around you.

As humans, we have a tendency to hold onto negative events and emotions until we can relive them through retelling the story to someone else. We dump the story onto a friend or loved one thinking it will help us feel better, and it ends up sort of like throwing up on them. You feel better after the vomiting, but the aftermath is left all over the other person

In relationships where the couple is apart for reasons such as travel, there is often a time to touch base or connect at the end of the day. Without thinking about it, one or both of the partners will spill out all the problems of the day. This pattern does nothing but solidify the day's challenges by turning the memories and images into cement, instead of letting them flow away like shower water down the drain. It takes practice, but a day can both be created and reshaped in a much more positive way.

First, you must set yourself up to create a positive day. If you need to be somewhere early in the morning, be sure to set an alarm that gives you ample time to be where you need to be without rushing. When your alarm goes off, get up immediately and greet the day with gratitude. Woke up, become grateful and say, "I love my life!"

As you are starting your morning routine, read a few passages of an inspirational book, stretch your body, sing in the shower and eat a healthy breakfast. If you are with your loved ones, give them a kiss or hug, tell them you love them and wish them a good day. If you are traveling, text them a loving message. Breathe deeply and set a positive intention for your day as you go out into the world.

If you are away from home, avoid calling your partner and telling them all the things that irritated you…someone cut you off in traffic, you were 20 minutes late to a meeting due to clogged highways, your plane had an irritating flight attendant, your back hurts and so forth. Don’t mention how you yelled at a service clerk, spilled your coffee down your shirt or got a parking ticket.

If you choose to yell at someone in the privacy of your own life, go ahead, but let that negative interaction stay with you. When you talk to someone you love, tell them what was good about your day. Share something that you learned or something that inspired you. Who did you compliment? Describe a great meal you had or an amazing coffee shop you found. Give your partner a vivid description of a sunrise or sunset or beautiful scene you saw today. Tell them a funny joke you heard at a meeting or fun fact your taxi driver told you. What surprised you? What were you most grateful for today?

Take care of your health each day. If you choose to treat your body poorly by not eating healthy, not exercising and drinking too much, go ahead but keep it to yourself. Share only what you did for your health today. Share with your partner that you had a salad at lunch, worked out, took a long walk in a park, took your nutritional supplements and are going to bed early. Stay out late with the friends drinking too much, if you want. You have the freedom to live your life as you chooce, but talk to your loved one about what you did to take care of yourself instead of sharing with them that you have a hangover.

It takes practice to think about what to share. It takes awareness to cipher out the gold each day, letting all the bad stuff just flow down the drain. You don’t have to be perfect; you can live your life as you wish, but when you are in the interface of sharing your day, talk about what worked, what went well, what you are proud of doing or saying.

Be sure to wrap up your day in gratitude by acknowledging to yourself the blessings of the day. As you drift off to sleep, recount the good stuff. Open and close the day with thoughtful appreciation for the miracle of life. By consciously choosing your intentions for each day and looking for gold everywhere you go, you will tend to have more good days than bad. People will want to be around you because you radiate good cheer. On top of that, your relationships will be far more enjoyable.

Each day you have the opportunity to practice living well. Live intentionally and live to your fullest potential. This life is not a dress rehearsal, so make the most of it now! Choose to be positive by creating a happy life and better relationships!

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