What's On Your Priority List???

What's On Your Priority List???
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I did an official twitter survey of married women.  I asked the
question, "What are you're top three priorities?"  Out of the 189 women
how replied, 137 listed their top priority as their children.  Not too
surprising.  What did surprise me?  11 of them listed their marriage or
their husband in the #1 spot.  Only 47 listed marriage or their husband
on the list at all.


Attention and presence are
required for anything to work on the long haul, a friendship, a job, or
a marriage.  With such a low percentage even listing their marriage as
a priority I am not shocked there seems to be a very high degree of
relationship dissatisfaction on the horizon.  Life takes over.  I get
that.  However, your romantic relationship, especially a marriage or
marriage equivalent, is like the glue that holds all the pieces in your
life together. 

Want to be a better parent?  Make sure your children live in a loving, supportive home with two happy, in love, contented parents.
Want more job satisfaction and better on the job performance?  Studies have shown that happily married people make stronger employees with less sick time and higher productivity. 
Want to have improved health and living longer?  Get a dog, and you guessed it - be happily married.

think you get the picture.  A happy, loving, passionate, nurturing
relationship is a fertile place for other high quality of life things
to grow - and to be healthy your relationship needs attention - and
like most things in life that need attention, if they aren't a priority
they don't get it.  The investment of attention, time, energy and
presence, in your marriage is worth it, because it pays dividends in
almost all areas of your life.

How do you make your relationship a top of the list priority when so many other things demand your time and attention?
just do it.  You make a choice to invest in your partnership, you
commit to that choice, and you just do it.  Talk with your partner
about your new commitment and get feed back on what that change in
priority might look like for both of you. 

Ask anyone who's
gone through a divorce - the cost of that is almost immeasurable.  Bad
news is this, if your relationship or marriage isn't on your top three
priorities list, you are headed off the path of marital bliss quickly. 
The good news is you can get back on track at a moments notice.  I
suggest you make that moment this one.