Forgetting The Most Important Relationship In Your Life?

Love, Self

Forget to put the relationship with yourself on your to-do list? You've just given away your power!

So often women expect of others what we don't give ourselves and with regard to relationships, this is one of the five mistakes we make that give our power away.

We must develop an excellent relationship with our self before we expect them with others because we expect our mate to: love us; trust us; cherish us; respect and honor our bodies, personal boundaries and true value; but we don't love, trust, cherish, respect or honor ourselves.

If we are not getting what we want it's because we're not giving ourselves what we have.
As women, aside from our relationship with our spiritual source (God, Universe, Source, etc) the relationships we depend on are family, friends and significant other. Notice that the biggest relationship is with our spiritual source of energy and then we bypass ourselves completely and drop down (sometimes way down) to other people.

Know that you cannot give to others what you do not already possess. Giving love when you have none for yourself is false love and a ploy to get approval.

Nurturing someone else's body without nurturing your own is also false. You get the picture!

6 Steps to Develop The Most Important Relationship of Your Life:

  1. Cherish and honor your body with good nutrition and exercise to serve it as it serves you
  2. Establish and enforce personal boundaries to protect your confidence in who you are and what you stand for first and foremost
  3. Recognize your true value by reminding yourself of what you have to offer to avoid looking outside of yourself for approval
  4. Talk to yourself, ask yourself questions, answer honestly, get to know yourself, journal
  5. Celebrate EVERYTHING!
  6. Be your best friend - take yourself out, treat yourself to something you've always wanted to do whether free like a walk or paid like a play or dinner

When You Develop The MOST Important Human Relationship in Your Life, You will:

  1. Feel stronger emotionally
  2. Feel stronger mentally
  3. Feel comfortable in your skin
  4. Be more inspired to exercise
  5. Have greater peace of mind
  6. Have fun when no one is around
  7. Change things you don't like about your life
  8. Be more careful who you choose as friends
  9. Handle stress better
  10. Have more peace of mind
  11. Feel much closer to your spiritual source of energy
  12. Feel happier regardless of what other people say or do

Now you realize how powerful it is to develop the most important relationship in your life; the one with yourself!

Kelly Rudolph is a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Founder of Are you tired of stress, lack of confidence and fear about your future? Kelly can help. Begin getting her free Life Strategies now.

This article was originally published at Ezine Articles. Reprinted with permission from the author.