Reveal Your Truth And Become One With Your Body

Reveal your truth

The truth will set your sexual being free

Have you ever had a “dirty little secret” that is keeping you feeling trapped? Do you have one now? Maybe you can’t get a good night sleep knowing that this piece of you remains undisclosed? Is this why you have insomnia?

Me too! 

Maybe your secret is not so dirty after all, it’s just not socially acceptable. The truths that we don’t want to admit to anyone, even to ourselves, are often known as the “shadow.”

Now is the perfect time to face your shadow, start telling your truth, and keep doing it. It will guide you somewhere unimaginable and authentic. You will sleep again at night.

The story of your future will change for the better when you start telling the truth. This journey may feel like a labyrinth with twists, turns, allies, and enemies. But you will get there.  And you will return with insight, wisdom and perspective. Telling the truth can save your lifeby bringing you back to the life you were born to live.

Mystics like Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi and mythologists like Joseph Campbell, speak to the importance of knowing your shadow on the journey to wholeness. The power of truth goes beyond intellectual thought; it reveals itself in everyday life.

I know this from my own journey and experience, and also from that of my clients, which I’ve had the privilege to witness.

Two marriages, both ending in divorce, helped me awaken to the depths of my self-deceit. My needs for sexual expression, mutual understanding, and care were consistently unmet in my relationships. I busily attended to my perception of my partner’s needs, while setting aside my own true desires for multiple sexual partners and honest communication. Through this journey, I came to the truth of what I do wantautonomy, trust, safety, sexual expression and nurturance. My mistakes guided me to a non-negotiable truth. I now understand that I am 100% responsible for meeting my needs. It was telling my truth, first to myself, and then to others, that helped pave the way.

Telling the truth guides me in practice as a Somatic Sexologist. I find great passion in illuminating the shadow, and seeing freedom on the faces, and in the bodies, of my clients. I see clients walk into my treatment room, or log into a Skype session, with fear in their eyes as they toe the line of revealing their truth with me. I sense and hear about the fear they experience in revealing a hidden truth to themselves, to their partners, and to the world in general. In my practice, I meet people who have something to share: those who were born in male bodies, but want to express an inner feminine nature; people who rarely feel pleasure because they hide their true erotic nature, and those who want to have more sexual experimentation but assume their partners will not be open.  As they start telling me the truth, they start the process of learning to celebrate the many beautiful facets of their being.

I see these people leave our sessions with bright eyes, relaxed shoulders and straight posture. They have illuminated their shadow and begun the integration of their truth into their lives.

What does it feel like to say YES to your truth?  You tell us.  Write your comments below about your experience of truth telling … Need help finding your truth?  Contact Rebecca for sexological support to reveal the story that you embody to connect the dots between your mind, body and spirit so that you can live the life you were born to live.