7 Deadly Selfie Sins: How Your Selfie Is Killing Your Dating Life

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Find out what your selfie says about you and why it's keeping you single!

Your selfies may be killing your dating life without you even knowing it. Everything you put out into the worldwide web paints a picture of who you are as a lover and partner.

The selfies on your social media sites, even if not on your dating profiles, affect how potential partners see you. They tell a story of who you are. Your selfies may be ruining your chances of being introduced to your friend's co-worker, or killing your chances of being asked out by the guy at the gym. Don't commit these seven selfie sins, and you'll stay in the good graces of the dating gods.

1) Selfie Simulated Sexy Poses. Duck lips, kissy faces, smoldering looks, after-sex hair — don't. You'll look like you're trying too hard. Trying to be sexy is the least sexy thing you can do. Opt for a genuine smile or a natural laugh. You'll look confident, happy and approachable — qualities that are sexiest to your potential dates.

2) Selfie Excess. Treat selfies like you treat salt: use sparingly. The frequency of your selfies can say a lot about you. Selfie excess gives the impression that you're self-absorbed. Posting every day is a mortal sin. Any kind of pattern or regularity with selfies is grave. Instead, only post selfies you know other people will enjoy — you standing at the top of Machu Pichu or you with the President in the background. No one has ever requested a selfish partner, so don't give your dates a reason to think you are.

3) Poorly situated selfies. Location, location, location: this rule applies to selfies too. Your bathroom, your bed, the driver's seat of your car, your desk at work — none of these locations is interesting or exciting. They tell the world that you don't go anywhere except toward a mirror to take another selfie. Show other singles the things you like to do and the places you like to visit. Don't let your date think spending time with you only includes bathroom time.

4) Superflous Selfies. Selfies to express generally understood feelings are repetitive. A caption of "Feeling yucky. Gonna take a Tylenol" coupled with a selfie of your sad face and a Tylenol doesn't make you seem interesting or creative. Your friends know how a cold feels and they know how to administer Tylenol. Let's hope the singles you're targeting also know that. They don't need your selfie to use as a manual.

5) Selfie Overshare. Plunging necklines, lingerie, and short skirts have no place in selfies. These selfies make you look like you're begging for attention because no one hollered at you on the walk to work this morning. Leave something for the imagination. Respect yourself enough to not over-sexualize yourself to the world.

6) Exaggerated Selfie Angle. We all know by now the best angles for ourselves. But raising the camera phone directly above your head or cutting out your body completely isn't fooling anyone. In fact, those exaggerated angles cast doubt on your in-person appearance. Be confident enough to be who you are. Think flattering, but not deceptive.

7) Wrong Selfie Target Market. If you are committing any of the above selfie sins and posting to your social media sites where your grandma, co-workers, uncles and nephews follow you, you may have a selfie addiction that needs treating. Know your audience. Know that your dad's brother does not want to see a photo of you in a crop top on your bed. Keep your selfies and posts appropriate to your followers and your date will know you're a girl he can bring home to mom.

If you're a selfie sinner, there's still time to repent. Stay away from these sins moving forward and you'll present yourself as a confident dater who is ready to not be by your-selfie! Soon enough, you'll be trading in those selfies for couple photos.