Asking For What You Want

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"Have not because you ask not...." In love and life, asking is key.

What would be different in your life if you knew what you really wanted and actually started asking for it?  What about in your love life? 

It has been a joke for a long time that our partners can't read our minds, but this isn't a laughing matter.  People want to get more of whatever it is that they want from their partners and they also believe that it should just magically appear.  On the other hand, if someone wants some water, they aren't thrilled with the clouds opening up above and downpouring on them.  Women are often looking for men that will be totally devoted to them but then they'll meet guys who call all of the time and it drives them nuts.  I hear things such as "I feel like he is checking up on me", "I can hardly breathe", and other common reactions.  This drives both men and women crazy because everyone says they want to meet a really nice person who they can trust, and yet the interest will fade as more affection is given.  They will break up with the person, claiming "You are too good for me" and then tell their friends "They were just too nice". 

Really? Really. 

Okay, so what do you really want and how do you ask for it?  How do you become clear about what you want?  My advice is to try your hand at making a list, as it tends to bring out your honest feelings on the matter.  What I tell people to do is to ask themselves what they want from others and if they do happen to obtain it, would they still want it?  Ask this of yourself, and keep going until you are totally clear on the perfect gifts your partner can give to you.

Now, how to ask for this?  First, write it down so that it is directly in front of you to see often.  Secondly, tell other people what you know you truly want.  There is no need to do this from a demanding place; it is more from an accepting place.  This opens up for magical possibilities.  Knowing what you want creates the ability to recieve it because you know that what you want exists.  It is real and clear.  Now the devoted guy is someone who listens to you, cares about you, and has an exciting life to share with you.  The nice person is someone who has lots of friends and gets along with everyone, and they are not demanding all of your attention.

This is like Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz: once she gained clarity on what she wanted and knew how to ask for it, she was magically awake and at home with those she really loved.  You can achieve this as well.

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