Don't Be Afraid to Touch Him There


Find out where his major pleasure points are- It may surprise you.

Women typically think men are easily aroused, but the truth is he has only a few hyper-sensitive zones proven to get him from 0 to 69. These zones aren’t necessarily what you would expect, but can deliver powerful zings of pleasure.

By targeting his pleasure zones, you can be assured he’s experiencing the highest level of arousal besides having sex. You and your guy probably have a few go-to moves that guarantee you’ll both be prepped, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a few new tricks to your normal foreplay routine.

The first target area is the part of his neck that meets his chest. That one spot in particular has less fatty tissue making it more sensitive and the sensations stronger. As you kiss his neck, trail your fingers from one shoulder to the other. Then, gradually move your kiss closer to the sweet spot. Once you’re there, be sure to kiss slowly, using your breath to warm the spot.

Other super sensitive zones are the sides of his torso located along the rib cage. You’ll want to use a firm touch to trigger mind-blowing stimulation your guy will love. Start by stroking the area on either side, and then apply more pressure. Next, alternate between stroking and lightly nibbling his skin, making your way toward his hipbone. Your guy will be overtaken by zings of pleasure before you know it.

Moving south, the lower back is packed with pleasure points. Lightly graze your fingertips over the base of his spine. Next, make your way up the back toward his shoulder blades and work the muscle with a kneading motion. Finish by softly kissing or tracing your tongue along the same spots on his back. This will leave him feeling aroused, relaxed and ready to return the favor.

For matters of foreplay, target zones you know will maximize his arousal before sex and carry on during sex. Achieving maximum arousal during foreplay often leads to great sex. There are a number of ways to satisfy your man, so be sure to choose those proven to make him feel on top of the world.