How To Rate Yourself To Score A Second First Date!


Want to get the second date? Find out why you NEED to rate yourself highly to maximize your chances.

You went on a first date and you didn’t get asked out on the second. So, lets figure out what happened by using a sliding scale.

We’re going to get two scores and use them both to find the answer.

Part 1: Did you feel attractive? Did you wear something that you felt emphasized your assets and minimized your deficits?

Using a scale of 1-10; 1 = flabby, disgusting, ugly, Ursula the sea witch and 10 = fit, curvy, smoking hot, Kim Kardashian.

How did you feel walking out the door? If you "felt" like a 5 or above, you were on target. Notice I used the word "felt." You didn’t need to wear $200 designer jeans to feel like a 5. You didn’t need to be a size 4. You didn’t need to have big perky boobs or an ass like a 21 year old. You needed to have white teeth! (Sorry had to add that since it’s a pet peeve of mine.)

But seriously, you need to be comfortable in the body you have and feel sexy in your own skin. Wear clothes that make you feel great and take some time to groom. You can’t start out a date feeling like a '3', because the date will sense it. Your date hopes for a '9', wants minimally a '5', and certainly isn’t going to ask a '2' out on a second date.

Here’s the secret to feeling like an '8' before you leave your house for a first date: It’s 90% in your head and how you feel about yourself. If you walk out the door and think that the extra 10 lbs around your waist makes the difference between you being a '2' and a '6', you have a choice to make. You can drag your '2' body back in the house, vow to stop eating for a month, and wait till you feel better about yourself before dating, or you can decide that you’re curvy, your eyes sparkle, you have a great smile and strut that sexy booty into your car like the '7' you know you are.

Learn about body language.

Here are some simple tips: Walk with your shoulders back and chest out. When you enter a restaurant strut, don’t hunch over like the freaking Hunch Back of Notre Dame, walk in like you own the place. Slouching is not allowed and don’t cross your arms over your chest. Don’t pull your jacket over your blouse to hide whatever flab you think needs to be hidden. You don't want to look uncomfortable, and insecure like you're trying to hide something when you should be flaunting those headlights. If you relax your arms and occasionally touch the person you’re talking to, you appear confident, open and attractive. If you’re smiling those pearly whites, your date will think she’s in the presence of a winner. You are letting the date know how you rate and that he is with a cool, sexy person.

Part 2: How do you rate your personality on a scale from 1-10? 1=loser, sad, desperate, lonely, boring and 10= charming, witty, intelligent, happy, confident.

If you’re reading this article, you’re at least a 3 since you have the ability to read and have a desire to improve yourself. Do you have interests or passions that make you unique? Did you laugh at anything I wrote so far? If you laughed you’ve already moved up to a '4 or 5' since you have a sense of humor.

How’s your listening ability? How much do you complain? If you are able to look on the bright side of things—think glass half full not half empty, you’re rating should be higher.

Again, this is up to you to decide. If you feel miserable and that your life sucks, why the hell would that person want to see you again? That person doesn't want to be with a 2 when he/she is an '8'. Think about your strengths. Do you love life? Are you a good person? What are 3 things that make you special? If you can’t come up with something immediately that’s ok, but give it some thought. If you’re a gem of a person: a '7' or '8', and you come across as less than that, you’re not going on that second date.

So there you have it. Take note of both those numbers, because they’re equally important in getting you to the second date. If you think you’re a double 9 (everyone can improve a little), most likely your date will think the same, and if he doesn’t see that, then someone else will.