3 UNCONDITIONAL Life (And Love) Lessons My Daughter Has Taught Me

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My daughter loves love. She loves giving love, and she loves receiving it. I admire her so much for that. Becoming her mom has opened my heart for a love of which I never knew I was capable.

Don't get me wrong, my daughter can drive me absolutely CRAZY sometimes. But no matter what she does, I know I will continue to love her unconditionally.

Here are the three life and love lessons my daughter has taught me through our unconditional bond:

1. Don't Hold A Grudge

What amazes me about my daughter is her ability to move on. She doesn't hold grudges (or not for very long, at least). I realize that I don't either with her. She can be screaming, crying, telling me what a mean mommy I am. Then when she comes up to me five minutes later to tell me she's sorry and to "talk about it", I happily hug her. And love her just as much as I ever have.

It really comes down to forgiveness. Forgiveness to others for being imperfect. Practicing forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways to shift our life. It takes a lot of energy to hold a grudge. The same is true in our work. When we hold grudges in our work or life it can keep us stuck from moving forward how we want. When we let go and forgive, we free this energy up for us to pursue other more fulfilling aspects of our life and work.

2. Feel Empathy

Empathy is one of the biggest emotions that empowers us to love more in our life. Part of why I can forgive and move on with my daughter so easily is because, in that moment where she is crying and screaming at me, I am able to see and feel her frustration.

I know she is not acting like this because she truly wants to. It doesn't feel good for her. Usually, she is not feeling heard, having trouble performing a task or feeling bad about something that she did. It is her way of expressing the intense emotion she's feeling. When I feel empathy with her, I don't get caught up in her cycle of frustration or emotion. I can remain calm and ready to give her the love and support she needs when she is ready to talk about what's frustrating her.

We have the capacity to do this in all relationships in our lives. Whether with our work colleagues, our spouse, friend or our own parents. If we practice empathy, we feel a big shift. We no longer take what others do so personally. As with letting go of grudges, that frees our energy and emotions up for more positive and empowering interactions and experiences in our life and work.

3. Let Go Of Perfection

My daughter never expects me to be perfect. In fact, at her young age, she still sees me as perfect even with all my flaws. She feels the same about her friends, her grandparents, her teachers and the other important people in her life. I feel the same way about her. She sees through all this to who we are at the core. Young children have the ability to see our inner beauty — even if we can't.

As women (and particularly as moms), we often place a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. The perfect mom, the perfect worker, the perfect wife with the perfect business, home, clothes, hair and car. All that perfection is exhausting!

Imagine how it would feel to view others (and ourselves) through the eyes of our young children — to realize that perfect doesn't exist and that's OK.

When we let go of this strive to be perfect, we experience more happiness and fulfillment with where we are right now.

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