How to Bring the Spark Back in Your Marriage and Make Him Happy!

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Would you love to bring the spark back in your marriage and have a happy husband for a change?

Have you been married for years and you'd love to bring that spark back into your marriage?

What if you could make your husband happy? Would you do it?

I have a very inspiring success story to share with you today. It's from Kathy, one of my wonderful coaching clients. But before we go any further, it's good to note that I actually do not offer "relationship coaching" services. True!

While technically I am a relationship coach (the most important relationship you'll ever have is the one between you and YOU) my coaching clients work with me to achieve permanent weight loss. So, I do not call myself a "relationship coach". My clients work with me to get a weight loss mindset, which gives them struggle-free permanent weight loss. Which when you think about it, if you were to completely transform your mindset, that mindset goes with you everywhere...

Another client of mine (Candy) said it best: "I came to JoLynn for a weight cure and what I got was a life cure".

What happens with my inspiring clients is that in order to achieve permanent weight loss, you must heal the root of your ongoing food and weight struggles. A critical ingredient of my step-by-step proven system is creating a solid and core relationship with yourself. (To learn more now start by grabbing my Free 5-day e-course, "Is Your Mindset Fit or F.A.T.?")

This means that you learn how to take 100% personal responsibility for your own emotional state (this ends all emotional eating!) and your own mind. And then, as if by magic, all of your relationships transform!

This is what has occurred with Kathy and her husband. She has been married for 33 years and in her words, they had gotten "comfortable" with each other. Today it's a completely different story. Kathy's husband told her that he is now happy today (!!). But did she give him a book on how to make their marriage better, or tell him to change?

NO. Not at all. What Kathy did was transform herself, by doing the steps of my proven system The Inner Self Diet™. Kathy learned how to take control of her own mind and emotions, she's losing weight without struggle, and all "nagging" is gone from her marriage.

Here's what has really happened: Her husband is happy now because the weight has been lifted from his shoulders. You see, for years he was carrying around the weight of trying to make his wife happy, because he loves her so much. This is very common, however the truth is that you can never make anyone else happy. Today, since Kathy is taking full responsibility for making herself happy (and she has all of the tools to do so!) the weight is completely off of her husband.

He says he feels like he can now relax and do the things he enjoys doing without worrying about Kathy. And after 33 years of marriage, the spark is back in their marriage! Kathy said that he's even acting like "the shy guy" he used to act like when they first met. Very sweet. 

Another very inspiring outcome: Kathy's husband has lost weight, and he's not even my client! And, I'm not surprised. Excess physical weight is always and only a symptom of what's going on on the inside. Now that his wife is blissful on her own, he is free to be in the marriage with her and enjoy their relationship as two healthy individuals, having fun and enjoying their life together.

One thing you can do immediately for yourself is to begin noticing how much of an impact your moods have on your relationship. Notice that whenever you are feeling bad about YOU, that that feeling is not exempt from your relationship. Also notice how well things go when you are feeling fantastic about yourself! How much easier communication is, and in general, your marriage is a lot more fun! Because you already feel good about YOU, your body, your mind, yourself!

Bottom-line: Once you learn exactly how to take control of YOU and build a healthy, solid relationship with yourself, then you release that burden from your husband. He becomes free to love you like he's always wanted to, without the weight of worry about whether or not you are happy. Because once you transform your Inner Self, you'll know how to be happy regardless. 

Additionally, weight loss becomes a snap! You see, the only struggle you've ever had with losing weight is the struggle that is within your Inner Self. The Inner Self Diet™ releases all of that. It is the cure for all of your frustrating food and weight struggles, providing the outcome of struggle-free permanent weight loss.

To learn more, start with my FREE 5-day mini series to find out the answer to the question, "Is Your Mindset Fit or F.A.T.?" It will help you discover what's really been stopping you from losing weight for good, and what you can do about it!