5 Steps To Increase Your New Year's Commitment

Love, Self

New Year's resolutions won't be forgotten if you begin simply. Five steps revealed for you below.

Last year instead of making all kinds of resolutions, I set one intention for the New Year: Peace.

My intention was to find peace and to live and act peacefully. By holding that one word in my heart I made permanent shifts. Things happened that I have been thinking about doing for years. Life changing actions stuck and weren’t forgotten before the first month of the year was over. And I believe it is because I chose an overall intention for my life. With peace in mind I made a commitment and set and achieved goals based on my deep longing and desire to experience peace.

What would happen in your life if instead of a long list of "should" minded achievments you chose a one word intention that covered it all? One word has the power to move mountains.

How to create and set a New Year’s intention:

1. Pay attention to what matters most to you. Is it your health? Perhaps your body image. Do you talk a lot about exercise and eating healthy,     but don’t do a damn thing about it? What is on your mind and what do you spend your energy thinking about? 

     Notice and take note of what you observe.

2.  Passion isn’t just for lovers. What excites you and gets your heart beating fast? How much time do you spend doing what you love and enjoy      deeply? Do you think and not do what makes your heart smile because you are too busy and don’t have time?

     Be aware of how much time you honor your passions in life.

3.  Listen. You have all of the answers to your questions within you. Ask yourself all the questions above and add your own questions to the mix.        Be patient for the answers. If you are still unclear about your New Year intention or overwhelmed with many possibilities ask: If I were to choose      one word that is a quality or a feeling that I most desire to experience in 2015 what would it be? 

      Close your eyes. Quiet your mind. Still your body. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Place your hand on belly. Listen for the word to           pop out of your wise self. No judgment. Be gentle with yourself. Receive.

4.  Hall pass. Give yourself permission to be silly, deep, reflective, playful, introspective or whatever it is your new intention brings up for you.

5.  Create a ritual. Once you feel at peace with your intention create a simple ritual around it.

     Some suggestions: Create a board on Pinterest, light a candle and write down your intention in your journal, write your word on a rock and              throw the rock over a cliff or into a body of water. Ritual takes what we value and gives it a sacred place of acknowledgment. You are honoring          what is important to your heart and giving it wings.


This year after reflection and listening to the stirrings of my heart I have come to my intention for 2015: Presence.

I know this word will ground me while leading me to my heart's desires. What will ground and center you leading you to where you want to go with wings spread wide?

Sometimes we don’t need a list to overwhelm us. We need one word to root us deeply so that our heart’s desires are met and fulfilled instead of forgotten.