Why Watching 'Outlander' Is SURE To Wake Up Your Sleeping Sex Drive

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Outlander kiss boost sex drive

Why so many women with low libidos are excited about the Outlander Season 3 premiere.

I admit it.

I’m obsessed with Outlander, the STARZ television program and series of books by Diana Gabaldon. It features the adventures of World War II combat nurse Claire Randall who accidentally gets transported to 18th century Scotland. 

If you haven’t tried watching or reading Outlander, you can find a wealth of internet articles that list why you should give it a whirl. Season 3 of Outlander premieres Sunday, September 10, 2017 and it's going to be good!

There’s fantasy, time travel, romance, violence, intrigue, stunning costumes, Gaelic, witch burnings (yikes!), fabulous acting, and more. But I doubt you will find anyone who effectively highlights why I personally think it is so worthwhile. 

And that reason is — I believe watching the show can help transform your sex life, most especially if you are a woman with diabetes (or love a woman with diabetes).

In my books and articles (which I’m sure will never appear in a film or on television), I write about diabetes-related sexual complications and how the disease affects relationships. I present ways to enjoy intimacy when diabetes-related sexual complications enter your life.

Many women, and about half of them with diabetes, live with some type of sexual complication.

These include vaginal dryness, problems achieving orgasm, pain during intercourse, and even reduced self-esteem that might accompany unwanted weight gain or bruising from injections or insulin pump infusion sets. These women require additional time to become aroused

That’s where Outlander comes in. 

The sex, which is steamy and oh-so-wonderful, features the woman’s perspective. As far as I know, this is the first show on television to do so.

In the story, our hunky Highlander, Jamie Fraser, learns how to satisfy the stunning Claire.

And satisfy her he does!

He learns that women, unlike men, are on a slow simmer and need special nurturing to participate fully in intimate activities. 


If he only looks at sexual pleasure from the stereotypical male "wham-bam thank you ma’am" point of view (like is so often the case in mainstream movies and television) he's less likely to get a passionate response from her. (How many guys like him actually lived in the 18 century? Probably not many.)

Outlander will not only help you and your intimate partner understand a woman’s sexual response, it offers erotically romantic scenarios that are likely to get you in the mood.

Number 13 of Cosomopolitan’s "13 Problems Only People Obsessed with Outlander Understand" mentions how Outlander can leave a viewer feeling "awkwardly turned on."


Well, if you're having a difficult time getting your sexual engine going, an episode of Outlander could do the trick.

So sign up for STARZ in time for the season premiere THIS Sunday (September 10th) and let the binge-watching begin, or pick up copies of Gabaldon’s series. They're quite long, but oh so addictive. So far, there are eight books in the series (she is currently writing the 9th). I’m in the middle of number 5. 

Add a dose of Outlander to your life. Slàinte mhath! ("Good health!" in Gaelic)

Janis Roszler is a therapist who specializes in diabetes-related sexual and relationship issues. Her blog articles and books can help transform your intimate life. Have diabetes? Learn how you can reconnect sexually with the one you love. Read Janis’ book Sex and Diabetes: For Him and For Her, check out her website and follow her on Twitter


This article was originally published at dearjanis.blogspot.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.