The Easy Way Couples Can Have Better Sex (By Avoiding These 6 Foods)

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How To Have A Better Sex Life In Your Relationship By Avoiding These 6 Foods

What couples don't want to know how to have better sex in their relationships? When it comes to your sex life, you might be surprised to know that food plays and important role in your libido.

Aside from accidentally calling out someone else’s name while having sex, what else could ruin an important romantic moment? How about passing foul-smelling gas, reaching for your honey with a sweaty palm, or whispering words of love when your breath stinks?

Some of the foods you and your loved one eat or drink could make these unpleasant events happen while you're trying to get it on. (Talk about a mood-killer!)

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If you want to know how to have a better sex life in your relationship, an easy way to start is by avoiding these 6 foods that can crush your libido:

1. Broccoli, kale and cabbage

Watch out for these and other cruciferous vegetables. They are rich in healthy phytochemicals and vitamins that reduce the risk of cancer, but can prompt you to feel bloated and gassy. That’s because they contain raffinose, a sugar that prompts the development of odorous gas during digestion. Enjoy these healthy veggies often but skip them or only consume a small amount while on a romantic date.

2. Hot peppers

After you bite into a spicy taco or take a few spoonfuls of salsa, do you ever feel flushed? That’s the capsaicin talking. It’s an active component of chili peppers that causes a burning sensation that helps relieve nerve and arthritis pain. When ingested, it can also prompt you to break into an unpleasant sweat. 

3. Alcohol

Most of us like an elegant glass of wine or tasty cocktail with a romantic dinner. But too much alcohol can stop bedroom activity right in its tracks. An alcoholic beverage may help you relax and feel more inclined towards intimacy, but drinking too much can cause you to doze off prematurely. If you are male, it can also make it more difficult to have a successful erection. 

Drinking more than a 12-ounce serving of beer or about 5 ounces of wine in an hour, the rate at which the body breaks down alcohol, can also prompt you to sweat a lot. When out with your boo, keep your alcohol intake in check.

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4. Sweets 

Don’t worry. I totally support gifts of chocolate and other sweet treats as a way to win a loved one’s heart! But choose something else if you want to fight your fatigue prior to going out. About 15-30 minutes after you down a handful of Hershey kisses or grab several cookies, you will probably feel your energy soar only to crash a few hours later.

These simple carbs take you on an energy roller coaster that, if timed wrong, can fade at the moment when you want to be alert. Instead, eat a mixed meal of whole grains, healthy fats and protein, such as a sandwich or a few whole wheat crackers with hummus.

5. Fatty foods

Have you ever felt sluggish after eating mayo-rich potato salad, a well-marbled steak or French fries? A fatty meal can slow you down. Definitely limit your fat intake if you plan to take oral erectile dysfunction pills such as Viagra.

After a fatty meal, your erection medication may take longer to kick in.

6. Garlic and more

Garlic, onions, dairy foods, coffee and even canned tuna can transform a freshly brushed mouth into a putrid sewer. Most people are familiar with the bad odors given off by onions and garlic. Dairy foods also have sour smells that can linger and tuna stored in cans gives off particularly strong and fishy odors. When going for getting-to-know-you coffee dates, be careful.

Coffee’s sulfur compounds don’t smell nice and its caffeine causes your mouth to become dry, which increase the presence of unpleasant mouth odors.

So, watch the foods you choose to eat when going out for a special evening. Let your conversation be spicy, not your breath!

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