How to Create a Heart-Catching Online Dating Profile


Spend thoughtful time in developing your profile because what you put out there is what you attract

10 Tips that Guarantee You'll Stand Out

When it comes to online dating, your profile is the initial factor in determining the type and quality of men you'll attract.

Spend thoughtful time in developing or updating your profile because what you put out there is what you'll attract. Here are 10 tips for creating a profile that will catch his eyes and heart.

1) Get in the Right Frame of Mind

Many people approach online dating with skepticism, hesitation or doubt due to past unsuccessful online dating efforts and unresolved issues from previous relationships. This negative energy will come across in your profile if you don't change your mindset. Before creating your profile, get in the right frame of mind by putting yourself in a positive state where you feel uplifted and inspired. This may mean working through unresolved issues, spending time in nature soothing your soul, getting a massage, visualizing your ideal partner and feeling cherished and loved in your ideal relationship, etc.

2) Come Up with a Great Username and Headline

Create a username and headline that reflects who you are. For a username, come up with 2-3 short words that reflect your personality, passions and/or looks. Create a headline that is positive, upbeat and intriguing. Ideas for your headline include playing off of your username, stating your intention for being on the site, asking a question or sharing your favorite short quote.

3) Show Current Pictures of What You Look Like on a Daily Basis

Men are more visual than women and tend to skip over profiles with no or poor photos. Post a headshot as your profile picture (where you're smiling, that's no more than 2 years old) that clearly shows your face. In the photo gallery, post wholesome and classy photos of yourself in different settings (i.e. full body photo, enjoying your favorite activity (e.g. playing golf), hugging your dog (if you have one), out with friends, etc.). Don't post photos where you're dressed or posed provocatively, drinking too much alcohol, with a man - even if he's your brother or friend and that show what you used to look like.

4) Complete the Checklist About Yourself and Preferences You'd Like in a Partner

If you're serious about finding a compatible partner, check as many of the aspects that describe you and check the preferences you'd like in a mate. This will let potential matches learn more about you and helps dating sites create and email matches to you. You'll attract more of the kind of man you're looking for when your checklist and preferences are complete.

5) Be Open

When checking the preferences you'd like in a partner, be open to traits and qualities you may normally have been judgmental about or closed off to. For instance, if you haven't been open to men under 6' tall, broaden your range. In doing so, you increase the opportunity to meet a greater number of men. If you think you have to be with a man who has a full head of hair, be open to men with receding hairlines and men who are bald. Don't be too picky. If you're being too picky about superficial qualities, realize that great men come in different packages.

6) Be Honest

If you want a relationship where there is mutual trust, show your real age, real height, real body type, etc. You can't hide the obvious (i.e. height, body type). If you try to hide your age by saying you're younger than you are, it will eventually come out. Lying about something that seems insignificant to you may be significant to the other person. If you can lie about something that is seemingly trivial, he may wonder what other things you're (capable of) lying about.

7) Be Genuine and Put Your Best Foot Forward

Describe yourself, what you're looking for in a partner and the kind of relationship you'd like to experience based on who you are, what's important to you, and not because of what you think will appeal to people reading your profile. The more real you are, the more chance of attracting a man who is genuine and comfortable in his own skin. Make sure you come across as a well-rounded person and not one-dimensional when describing yourself. If you spend most of your waking hours working, start exploring activities you might enjoy, and include this in your description.

8) Be Specific

When describing the qualities and traits you'd like in your ideal partner and what you'd like to experience in your relationship, be specific. Being specific helps you get really clear on what's most important to you so that you don't settle for less by spending time with incompatible men who don't have what you're looking for.

9) Be Unique and Descriptive

Instead of having an online dating profile that reads like everyone else's, be unique. For instance, if you love dogs, don't just put "I love dogs". You can describe a true short story about something wonderful about your dog, how you came up with his/her name, etc. Find the balance between sharing the right amount of information vs. too much information.

10) Get an Outsider's Perspective on Your Profile

Get feedback about the profile you've created from a trustworthy man who has a good head on his shoulders, your best interests at heart, a good attitude about online dating and has been successful with online dating. Take his feedback into consideration when making final revisions to your profile.

Use good grammar and proof your profile to correct any spelling errors or misused words before posting. You are ready to post your profile once you can answer "yes" to these questions: "Does this describe the essence of who I truly am?" "Am I putting my best foot forward?" "Would I want to meet/date/have a relationship with me?" "Does my profile compel men to contact me?"

Once your profile is complete and up and running, the search and being found begins. When you’re reading profiles, don’t miss out on a potentially great man just because you don't like his photos. Online dating is one of the most effective ways to meet a special man that can lead to a beautiful relationship. My husband and I met on match.com. :)

Give love a chance because true chemistry develops during the communication process. Your communication by phone, e-mails and texts can influence how your first date goes. To increase your odds of experiencing a great first date, practice these 10 dos and don'ts before meeting Mr. Online in person.

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