3 Things Guys REALLY Think When You Play Hard To Get

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girls play hard to get

It doesn't work the way you think it does...

If you ever wondered what guys think when girls play hard to get, it's a good question to consider.

The tricky part is this: Guys want a woman who it takes an effort to win over ... but that's not the same thing as being "hard to get".

With that in mind, I want to clear up this confusion, so the guy you want can finally get you.

Here's what guys think about playing hard to get in order to seem more attractive to men.

1. You're not available.


When you seem hard to get, it gives guys the impression that you're just not available for a relationship.

If a guy asks you out and you're not available for two or three weeks, it's a red flag signal to him that being in a relationship with you will not be possible.

The most important thing a man wants to know when he first meets you is whether you're available. If it's hard to schedule a date with you, he will think you're either in another relationship or you're just not interested in him.

2. You attract the wrong guys.


Some of my clients argue with me because playing hard to get does work. They think if they're too available a guy will lose interest.

The problem is this: It attracts the wrong guys.

Real men, the ones you can build a life with, are not going to stick around to jump through hoops, like wondering when they can see you, dealing with canceled dates, unanswered phone calls or any lapse in communication.

A lesser man never gives up no matter how bad you treat him. This can give you the illusion playing hard to get works.

However, as I said, it attracts the wrong guys — guys you don't respect and have no chance of building a real relationship with you.

The key to meeting the right guy is to see how he courts you and by his ability to make plans and keep them. You want to find out what he has to offer.

3. You've got your life together.


Having a successful career and friends are important parts of life. The challenge is when you consistently put your career and friends first. Men get the impression you like your life the way it is and you're not looking for a relationship.

Men are looking to make your life better. When you're available, it gives a man a chance to show what he can bring to your life.

Men want to win you over. The first step is giving them a chance to show what they can do.

Bottom line? Playing hard to get will attract the wrong guys.

You will get attention, but it is not from someone you can build a life with.

If being in a relationship with a man is a priority for you, make room for it in your life. When he asks you out, say yes — then sit back and let him win you over.

The right guy for you wants to win you over and make your life better, and when you're with him, you can feel it.

For more insight into how to keep a man interested in you, check out the video below.

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