The REAL Reason Why Men Suddenly Disappear On You

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The REAL Reason Why Men Suddenly Disappear On You

Every man wants you to know this.

When you first met him, he could do no wrong. Then he became your boyfriend, or at the very least, was on his way to becoming your boyfriend.

Unfortunately, along with this new title comes the real reason why he might suddenly disappear on you.

Here are 3 real reasons why men disappear and what you can do to ensure he comes back to you:

1. He feels obligated to be with you.

To put it simply, having an obligation is not attractive.

When a man feels obligated to spend some time you, have sex with you, or give you affection because he's your boyfriend and should be doing those things, he's on the way to disappearing.

Is there anything wrong with wanting those things? Of course not. But obligation is not the way to get them.

2. He needs space to feel the attraction.

When a man feels the weight of obligation, he suddenly wants space. The moment he has space, he remembers he's attracted to you.

For a man, attraction happens because it's fun to be with you, just like when you first met him.

And the funny thing is, once he's attracted to you, he'll do anything for you — just like he did at the beginning of your relationship. Why? Because it was his idea.

3. He can't decide if he wants to be with you or not.

Before a man disappears, he will ask himself: "Am I obligated to be in this relationship or am I attracted to her on my accord?"

Attraction happens naturally when you remove obligation from the equation. He will suddenly remember why he likes you and he'll want to do things with you.

If you have chemistry and connection, you already have something magical. The tipping point works in your favor when you allow attraction to guide your relationship.

Attraction is the solution at your fingertips, just like when you first met.

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