If He Doesn't Do This, He Doesn't Like You

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Does He Like Me? You Won't Know Until You Try THIS

All dates are not created equally.

Traditionally when you first start dating, you go out to dinner. This often leads to a somewhat of an interview process, especially if you're coming from online dating. While you're checking or unchecking your boxes, you may notice that you still don't know the person.

And you're right. Because out of many early dates, you haven't had the most important date. A string of dinners can leave you with a lot of knowledge about restaurants and first impressions

These nighttime dates cover up a lot of things, including the most important thing: what he's like in the daytime. More importantly, how does he treat you in the daytime?


It's called a dose of reality. You don't know a man until you see him in the daytime. Preferably on the move — walking, driving somewhere, doing something outdoors. You may also be wondering "does he like me" and he also won't know for sure without seeing YOU in the daytime.  

There are several advantages to this. One is that your clothes rarely come off when your outdoors although it does happen. This allows him to focus on getting to know you.

Walking with a man is a profound indicator to a man of what it's like to be going the same direction as you. It makes you real.


Before you reel off to many more dinner dates, go outside in the daylight and see what you've got. You may find a guy who's easier to talk to and willing to take the time to get to know you. If you're going to spend the rest of your life together, there's definitely going to be some daytime involved start now. 

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