The REAL Reason He Stopped Pursuing You (It's Not Why You Think)

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How To Turn Men On So He Keeps Wanting You
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How to keep him on turned on and interested.

When a man wants you, that means he's smitten and he will do anything to get you. The only thing that can stop him is, ironically enough, you. If you take away the one thing that keeps him pursuing you, he'll vanish.

You never want him to lose this one key ingredient: momentum. 

There's a simple chain of events that lead men to lose momentum. The first factor (which is also is the foundation of the others) is when he decides he can't win. The way he decides this may surprise you.

When he's pursuing you, it's his game to win. The moment you break the illusion that he can win you, he's turned off. This happens when you give him one of your dating rules before he asks.


The reason (and the next part of the chain) is that your personal dating rules come from your head, not your heart. Men can tell when we hear one of your rules because they are out-of-context. Suddenly telling a man what to do and how to do it is a recipe for disaster.

When your words come from your head, they're missing the one key ingredient that keeps a man going: feeling. 

Feelings are non-negotiable.

Feeling from a woman makes men conquer obstacles. The key is that it has to be his idea and he has to believe he can win. Most importantly, he has to believe he's making progress with you. 

Watching women consistently turn men off after they were obviously turned on is frustrating. 

So get out of your own way. The truth is that a man will give you everything you want if you have the patience to let him. Giving him your rules turns him off but letting him meet your requirements, in his own way, turns him on.

If you knew how much we want you, it would melt your heart. Give men a chance to win you over. Let them know they're making progress and they will stay turned on. 

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