3 Secret Ways To Attract Alpha Males

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How To Attract Men Who Are Strong And Sexy

Got your eye on an Alpha male? This is what he's looking for.

Alphas make up 20 percent of the population; 80 percent are Betas.

Alpha males typically marry beta women, although secretly they know their true match is an Alpha woman. If you're an Alpha woman who wants an Alpha man here are 3 secrets of how to attract men you will want to know:

1. Avoid competition with them.


Alpha men are not looking for a woman to compete with. That is why they marry beta women. They have their own goals and direction, which makes them extremely attractive.

If you know how to sidestep competing with them and still maintain your funny, smart and self-confident self, you become very attractive. For more on this, read A Life Of Love.

2. Hit the ball back.


When asked a question by an Alpha male and you keep the ball and expand by letting him know all your accomplishments, an Alpha male will quickly lose interest.

Beta males love to hear about all your accomplishment and look up to you. For Alpha males, hit the ball back.

3. Avoid changing their plans.


You may know of a better restaurant and even a better way to get there. However attempting to change an Alpha male's plans is a bad idea. He thrives on directing and leading. Any attempt to put him in the passenger seat will leave him looking for a new co-pilot.

Alpha men are the funniest, sexiest and most confident men in the world. Alpha men love Alpha women because they are their true partners.

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