It's time for lessons.

The above clip is from the TLC Reality Series called "Virgin Diaries".  This here is two first kissers, kissing and being kissed for the first time.  It's awfully close to a bad car accident.  You don't want to watch...but you just can't help it.  I love Ellen's response, "Less Chewing", she says.  I concur!


Kissing is something that most people have no idea that they're bad at.  Though, if this article caught your eye, you may wonder if you're one of the many who is not a universally good kisser.  Kissing is situational and objective, and the good news is, there's no way to be universally perfect at it.  However, I can give you some factoids and some tips for reading your partner, so that when it comes time for that first kiss, you're more likely to nail it.


1.  Don't chew your partner's face off.  OK - that's a joke.   Maybe it's not.  After watching this video, maybe it DOES need to be said! :)

2.  Always start soft.  Relax your mouth completely.  Let your lips relax into a soft, full pout with your lips apart about 1cm.  Don't pucker hard and make smacking sounds. And if you want romance, your lips should be uneven so they fit into the curve of your partner's lips.  If you're at the same level, you're in the friend zone.

3.  Move slowly.  Linger.  Don't open your mouth wide without the tongue involved, and don't get the tongue involved in the beginning of the kiss.  Ask lots of permission with those lips first.

4.  Close your eyes, inhale deeply and listen to your instincts.  There's a lot of theories on why people kiss, but one of them involves pheromone secretion along the sides of our nose.  We're all unique in our "scent" and this is a big part of it.  That scent alone can get things going...big time.  Next time, think about it, take a whiff and see how your body reacts all on its own.

5.  Slow down...slow waaaaay down.  No need to show how over anxious you are.  If you want to make that kiss deeper, than more tongue is better than faster tongue.

6.  Don't clean your partners teeth.  Boy, I've had some weird kisses...and some of the weirdest involved tongue running the length of my teeth.  No thanks...I have floss for that.

7.  Don't bite on the first kiss...unless your clothes are already off.  Some people like a little gentle nipping, but it's too much for a first kiss.  It's kind of like trying out spanking the first time in the sack.  Save some tricks for later, and if you're going to nip, don't even think about doing it hard.

8.  Check mouth compatibility.  Look at your date's mouth, and compare it to the size of yours.  If you're is twice the size of hers, make adjustments in the size of your mouth when you kiss her.  Don't open it wide and suck both of her lips between yours.  That's no fun for her.  Remember...stagger the lips.

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