Why Transgender Sex Toys Are Different (And Why We Need More Of Them ASAP)

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transgender sex toys

Different bodies require different stimulation.

Sex toys have been around for thousands of years and we have proof through dildos that have been recovered dating as far back as 28,000 years ago!

However, it was with the advent of the vibrator, in 1774, when things really started to get interesting. In recent years, however, through advancements in technology and sexual knowledge, both women and men have been dazzled by the latest in sex toys that include such fun features as g-spot & prostate targeting, remote control & rechargeable features and even Bluetooth capabilities with special apps for complete customization and interaction.

Yet with all of this, there has been a lack of sexual products that effectively cater to transgender people.

Transgender focused sex toys are beneficial as they help not only to serve trans people but also educate people about what it means to be transgender.

When it comes to understanding the sexual stimulation differences of someone who is transgender, there can be a level of ignorance, embarrassment, and, in some cases, fear.  Even professionals in the field of sexuality may be afraid to ask such intimate and nitty-gritty questions.

However, understanding the anatomical differences in transgender people who have gone through different stages of aligning themselves with their correct gender identity is important as such education is empowering and it shines a light on trans issues that are typically unknown to many people.

Why Transgender Sex Toys Are Needed

While most trans women tend to use traditional vibrators made for women (such as the well-known, powerful, Magic Wand); a good example for the need for trans sex toys can be seen through differences with trans men.

Those trans men (Female to Male - FTM) who have had hormone therapy (using testosterone) and yet who have not had bottom surgery (vagina to a penis) typically have an enlarged clitoris that is 1 - 3 inches in length.

This is also true for trans men who have had hormone therapy along with a less intensive bottom surgery known as metoidioplasty; where the clitoris is disconnected from the labia and positioned closer to where a penis would be while still keeping the clitoris intact. This type of surgery is less invasive than a more intensive bottom surgery known as phalloplasty, where a full sized penis is constructed.

Stimulating an enlarged clitoris with a sleeve or suction-style sex toy may be challenging.

Clitoral pumps designed for women can be too small, while traditional masturbation sleeves are often too large. Additionally, vibrators do not provide a thrusting sensation, which is commonly desired by trans men.

Both trans men and trans women naturally desire to identify with the gender that they are, rather than the biological sex that was assigned at birth. With trans men, the enlarged clitoris is best served through a masturbation sleeve that is more shallow and creates suction through a trans male sex toy (i.e. the Buck-Off stroker).

Transgender sex toys are important to a trans male for two reasons:

1. Trans men typically desire contact with their clitoris which the desirable sensation of it being stroked.

2. A trans sex toy sleeve keeps the user’s hands away from touching other parts of the vagina which can provide a more psychologically fulfilling sexual experience feeling like receiving oral sex to a penis.

With transgender sex toys becoming more available along with helpful education, the public can now benefit from better understanding what it means to be transgender while making fear of the unknown a thing of the past.

Lisa S. Lawless. Ph.D. is an LGBT+ ally and activist and is the founder and C.E.O. of Holistic Wisdom, Inc. which provides sexual health and wellness education, resources, and products. She is also, founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS) which is an educational organization for sexual health professionals.