5 Ways To 'Spring Clean' Your Online Dating Profile

5 Ways To 'Spring Clean' Your Online Dating Profile [EXPERT]

Prepare for spring by giving your online dating profile some TLC.

Spring is in full bloom and you're opening the windows, adding cut flowers and bringing life back into your home. As the cold weather slips away, you almost feel a new shade of pink return to your cheeks as well as to the fresh linen hanging outside to dry. /node/98995

Wait a second! Did I say a new shade of pink? That reminds me, I'd love a sassy new lip gloss. But back to the matter at hand, the stale online dating profile.

This is the time of year when we all start thinking of the word, newNew strappy high heels, new sundresses and new throw pillows to freshen up the room. We spruce up everything to invite in the warmth of spring, so how about a new online dating profile? /node/127695

That's right, dear friends. It's time to take that musty profile outside and give it a good whack to knock the dust off from it. If not for your allergies to bad dates, then do it for your love life.

If you've been on an online dating site for a few months already, it is likely that what you've written about yourself may have changed a bit so it's time to freshen it up and meet a few wonderful new matches. You're not new to the game so you know that you've come across profiles that didn't quite make you click to read more. Chances are that some of the people you should be meeting have passed you by as well.

The best example I can give you is my frog, also known as my happy hubby of two years now. I call him "PC" for Prince Charming. I had kissed about 127 frogs and toads by the time "PC" caught my eye. But I'd skimmed past his profile and his note a handful of times. He was a seemingly nice man with a very kind face, but he hadn't written or showed anything that really caught my interest. /node/136786

However, right around this time of year, "PC" changed up his profile picture. He took down the photo with the hat shadow over his eyes and he featured an action shot of himself playing baseball. Wow! I did a double take. I clicked, read and then I responded to him with a quick, "How are you doing?"

True, it usually isn't quite that easy. After all, I did say that I had already kissed toads in the triple digits. But a little cleanup is necessary to stay in the game. How about you, dear friends? Could your profile use a touch up or two? Do you feel like the same cute guys keep passing you by?

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