Not Convinced Yet? 10 More Reasons A Lefty Is Right For You


Celebrate International Left-Hander's Day by giving a lefty a chance!

In a predominantly right-handed world, lefties often get the short end of the stick—everything is oriented against them! From kitchen utensils to desk supplies, they're forced to work around their natural dexterity. It's unfortunate, because these southpaws have a lot to offer the rest of us, especially in terms of dating material!

In honor of International Left-Handers Day, here's a list of 10 reasons why you should date someone who's left-handed.

  1. Lefties are great listeners. Research shows that left-handed folks can more easily hear rapidly changing sounds, so when you're bouncing from topic to topic at the speed of light, they'll have no trouble following along with whatever you're talking about.
  2. Lefties are more creative. The American Journal of Psychology found they're better at divergent thinking, so they can come up multiple solutions to a problem. Your southpaw won't just be taking you to dinner and a movie—they’ll have all kinds of different date ideas!
  3. Lefties are better at math. The lefty kind of thinking also comes in handy when it comes to math. Can't budget or do your taxes to save your life? A left-handed lover will be able to take care of all that number crunching for you, and maybe they can even save you some money!
  4. Lefties are really adaptable.When the world is putting out things like spiral notebooks that dig into their wrists and scissors that only work for right hands, they use and strengthen both parts of their brain to come up with a way around these problems. They'll be able to go with the flow, even when something comes up!
  5. Lefties are better drivers. Left-handed people are more than 10 percent more likely to pass their driver's tests the first time, even though cars are made for right-handed individuals. You'll have no problem with your lefty behind the wheel—they know you're precious cargo.
  6. Lefties are better multitaskers. The research tells us that using both sides of our brains means information is transferred faster, so lefties can more easily handle multiple stimuli. Your southpaw won't have a problem watching TV while talking about your day while giving you a backrub!
  7. Lefties are awesome athletes. Your southpaw will probably kick some major tail in sports because people have less practice against left-handed people. When they step up to bat or to the net, their opponents will have a harder time anticipating their next move, while you root for the winner almost every time!
  8. Lefties are good fighters. When you need to call someone to defend your honor, your lefty is the one to hit up! The element of surprise is their major advantage. When people expect a fist from the right, they get one from the left. You'll feel safe with them around!
  9. Lefties tend to have higher IQs. While approximately 10 percent of the population is left-handed, 20 percent of Mensa members are. This could have to do with using both sides of their brains more often. Intelligent conversation and intellectual stimulation are a likelihood when your southpaw is around!
  10. Lefties tend to have better memories. Studies show that left-handed people (and those from left-handed families) have better memories. No need to fret over forgotten birthdays and anniversaries—your left-handed lover has all the important stuff covered.