Why Dating Mr. Normal Beats Dating Mr. Excitement

Why Dating Mr. Normal Beats Dating Mr. Excitement [EXPERT]

Normal is the new black.

It's funny because when you ask people what they are looking for in a mate, you most often hear things like: smart, good-looking, good job, chemistry, similar interests ... you know, the basics. However, recently I was having this discussion with a girlfriend Julie who has been out on tons of dates, but nothing that impressive.

Just the other day I got a call. There was complete excitement on the line. Julie was telling me that she had met someone she really liked. Yay! Finally! I was so super excited for her, we had to meet for lunch to talk about the guy. 

"So, tell me about him!" I said. The first thing that came out of her mouth was this: "He's normal." I love it. 

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Yep, normal. As we dive in a bit, we both agree that this is one thing people seem to be missing these days. Normalcy. Normalness (it's a word, right?). These days it seems like there is nothing but drama, fakery, the housewives, the jersey shore, the one up sickness — it's like everyone has to have something surrounding them.

I mean, excitement is fun and all but sometimes, you just want someone to be a normal person. No drama, no extreme issues, no quirky hangups, no excessive baggage — just cool and normal. 

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