How Sex Can Make You More Powerful


By Evelyn Resh for GalTime.com

When we use the word powerful, it is often with caution.We say it as a warning to people and imply they pay close attention should they come in contact with it. Powerful drinks are a bit naughty and dangerous, powerful people are high-risk, and powerful medicine is something to be taken judiciously. But what about sex – is there a way that sex can render us more powerful, and if there is, is this something to be wary of or grateful for?

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When sex is free of coercion, involves mutual agreement and participation, and is respectful of each partner’s preferences and presence, it has the potential to raise self-esteem in a way nothing else can. Feeling good about who we are gives us confidence, and confidence is the most powerful thing of all.

What could be more meaningful and reassuring to an individual than the experience of intensely satisfying sensations simply because they are who they are in psyche, flesh and bone? When we are able to surrender in safety to the fusion of skin and soul through self-pleasuring or in the company of a partner, the effect is alchemic and leaves us dazzled by what can happen by being fully present in the bodies we live in each day. Yet, it's taken for granted more often than not.

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