How To Make Men Actually WANT To Commit To You


Struggling to get him to commit to you? This short article will teach you how to get him to commit

When men make a decision to commit to a woman, it’s really only triggered in one of two ways.

#1 External Decision Trigger

This is an outside factor that’s causing him or forcing him to commit to you. For example, you force him to commit to you through an ultimatum. Or worse, maybe his parents or other outside social pressures are forcing him to be in a relationship.

#2 Internal Decision Trigger

This is where he makes the decision on his own. He thinks to himself, “I only want to be with this girl. No other girl makes me feel this way.”

Or fearing loss, he thinks, “If I don’t lock her down, someone else will, and I want to be with her.” He’ll have this fear of loss once he notices you fading away if he stops putting in the effort.

The key to successfully getting a guy to commit (and stay committed to you) is to let him make that internal decision. You want him thinking, “I want to be with her—all the time. I can’t bear to see her with any other man. I’m going to see if she’ll be my girlfriend.”

When humans make a decision based on an internal trigger, we are far more likely to fully commit (and stick to) to that decision. How often do you return a purchased item when you went out with the intention of buying it? Rarely.

How often do you return a purchased item when you’re sold by a sneaky salesperson? Frequently.

Let him make the decision to be with you, and if he doesn’t, it is always his loss. Then mutter the most important four-letter word of your dating life: “NEXT!”

There’s always another guy out there who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. If a man really likes you, he will want to commit to you.

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