It's National Singles Awareness Day! Be Aware: You're Awesome

It's National Singles Awareness Day! Be Aware: You're Awesome

Celebrate your citizenship to the singles community with champagne, chocolates and you!

It's okay. No, really, it is. It's Valentine's Day and you're single. So are 102 million other people in the United States according to a September 2012 Census report. You are not alone and you deserve a day to call your own, too. That's why Valentine's Day is also known as Singles Awareness Day. Sure, the acronym is SAD — but what is there to be sad about? To quote Aibileen Clark from the blockbuster hit movie and bestseller, The Help, "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." 

And you deserve to celebrate you. Don't sit home ignoring the day, embrace it. Make it your own. There's no shame in your game. Be single and be proud. After all, you can't love another if you don't love yourself first. 

  • Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. Buy a dozen of your favorites — be it tulips, ranunculus or hydrangeas. Whatever makes you smile. Not only will perk up your home, they will remind you of the beauty that is you.
  • Pick up a bottle of your favorite champagne or sparkling wine. Pommery Pop Pink is the perfect single size serving. Just insert straw and sip. Cheers to you! 
  • Don't forgo your favorite meal just because restaurants are booked with parties of two. A girls gotta eat. Place an order to go and enjoy your dinner at home. If you are so inclined, eat by candlelight. No one's judging you. Go all out. 
  • Don't desert dessert. Pick up a treat from the bakery or play Top Chef at home. There are an array of single serving dessert recipes on sites like Yummly.com and Pinterest. You deserve something just as sweet as you to top off your evening. 
  • Ignore the silence. Watch a movie, download a new book to read on your Kindle or put on your favorite Pandora station and crank up the tunes. Do something to entertain yourself. It's not escapism, it's relaxing. Let your hair down and put your feet up. 

Take the SAD out of Single Awareness Day and start being awesome instead.  

Contributed by Kimberly James, MatchMaster & Dating Expert, www.findyourplusone.com

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