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A practical guide to finding a Wedding Minister Officiant for your wedding day. Checklist included.

A bride recently said to me, "I didn’t consider the importance of the wedding minister until I recently attended a wedding where the wedding minister was not prepared. He may have been a friend rather than a minister."

The easiest way to find a professional wedding minister officiant is with a service that has done all the background work for you. "Here Comes The Guide" does a thorough screening of all vendors. Each listed vendor is rigorously checked out and Certified By The Guide.

The certification process requires each vendor to submit up to 30 references—including wedding industry professionals and up to 15 recent brides and grooms for direct review. Representing the best in the event professionals in the industry.

Now that you have a list of wedding minister officiants in the area you are interested in, you can select the one or two that you relate to most via the lovely profiles. To set up a phone appointment, just click through to the vendor's website to make direct contact.

Checklist For You

____Make contact to check if your wedding date is available. Include location wedding in your request.

____Add your wedding rehearsal date if you will be having one.

____Review the information provided by the vendor's website for detailed information.

____Talk over the phone to see how you feel about the person's voice and demeanor.

____Select the one that speaks to you.

____Book your wedding.

____Schedule a 3-way call to go over all the details of your wedding ceremony.

Now you are ready to focus on your wedding ceremony with the person you have engaged to be your wedding minister officiant for the day of your wedding. You are well on your way to having a rich experience together at the altar.

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Over ninety percent of couples that I work with today choose to have a 3-way call with the Wedding Officiant and the Bride & Groom. With the information available, this is the way most couples are planning.