25 Places To Meet Women That AREN'T Creepy And Weird

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25 Places To Meet Women That Won't Make Her RUN

Your hunt for a date just got easier, guys.

Want to seriously increase your chances of meeting the right person? Go to more places and make more connections. The more you get out socially, the likelier it is that you will meet someone.

Some of these ideas might seem boring or mundane, but keep in mind that the more casual the atmosphere, the less weird it’s going to seem when you pull up your cart at the grocery store and ask about her cantaloupes. That’s just another reason to be prepared to talk to people anytime you’re out in public.

That being said, it can be hard to keep all of this in mind as you go about your day. In that spirit, here are 25 of the best places to meet quality women:

1. Online dating sites and apps


The stigma that used to haunt online dating is all but forgotten. Dating apps are a great way to meet someone. Most of my relationships have started online. It’s nice to be able to feel someone out and get an idea of whether you’re compatible before you go to the trouble of getting to know them in person.

Also, online dating is quick. You can meet many people at one time and keep a lot of irons in the fire at once. If one connection fizzles out or doesn’t get made, another person is simply a click away.

2. Happy hour

Instead of going to bars and clubs later on when people are seriously gawking at each other and the meet-market pressure is much higher, make it a habit to visit a busy, local happy hour on Thursday and Friday each week.

People who are blowing off steam from a stressful week aren’t as likely to have their guards up and that’s a good thing.

3. The grocery store

The cool part about meeting women at the grocery store is that if you can think of a question to ask about a food — you have an instant icebreaker.

4. Concerts, festivals, and local music events

Concerts are good places to meet women because you’re most likely all together in the same place for several hours. If you’re shy, you get a little extra time to pep talk yourself into saying hello.

5. The dog park

Not only do you have a built-in topic of conversation, but people usually expect themselves to be there for at least a few minutes while Fido does his thing.

6. Trivia night.

Your local trivia night is a definite gold mine for meeting people.

Healthy competition? Check.

Fun in public? Check.

Things to talk about? Check.

Alcoholic beverages? Check.

All the ingredients are here for a fun time and the opportunity to meet women who are at least smart and social enough to risk losing at trivia in public.

7. Local social events like mixers and charity fundraisers

In my town, there aren’t a ton of things to do, so people tend to create their own by throwing a lot of charity benefits and mixers.

These events can center around pretty much any topic, but they are worth attending to learn more about what’s going on in your community and expand your social network as a whole.

8. Meet-up groups

The neat part about meet-up groups is that you all share at least one common interest. If you aren’t attracted to anyone in the group, at least you’re there, doing something you already know you like.

It’s a low-pressure environment with built-in conversation opportunities and you can easily invite someone to coffee afterward if you hit it off.

9. Coffee shops

Coffee shops can get you more attention than the last call at the bar if you play your cards right. The best time to strike up a conversation is during her wait in line and while she’s waiting at the bar for her order.

If you wait until she’s staring intently at her laptop with her headphones on — working — you’ll just interrupt her flow and potentially piss her off. No one likes the guy who bugs her while she’s wearing headphones. Don’t be that guy. 

10. The gym

Meeting women at the gym is possible. It’s just a little tricky and requires finesse.

The best way to meet a woman at the gym is to always go at the same time of day and start out simply by casually smiling and saying "hello".

The more often she sees you there, you’ll seem less like a stranger and more like an acquaintance she just hasn’t gotten to know yet. This is good because a little familiarity ahead of time makes it easier for her to let her guard down.

Once you've seen her there a few times, go ahead and strike up a conversation while she’s in a transitional time like walking around the gym, waiting for a machine, going to and from the restroom — you get the picture.

Do not interrupt her mid-move or be like the guy at my gym who decided the best time to talk to me would be when I was halfway through a set of heavy kettlebell swings in the corner of the room. No one wants to talk to you while they’re heaving for breath, sweatily completing their last set at the squat rack.

11. Workout classes

Workout classes like yoga, pilates, spin, boot camp, Crossfit, and weight-lifting are great because usually the ratio of women to men is usually high — and you can get the same familiarity advantage as meeting women in the main part of the gym.

Your biggest opportunities to meet other people in workout class are mostly before and after the class starts. That’s why you should show up early and take your time leaving at the end.

If you show up almost late and dart out at the end, that only leaves the middle of the class and you are guaranteed to piss people off if you interrupt. Plan your time accordingly.

12. Art gallery openings and museum parties

Art is good for you. Plus, the kind of women who go to art gallery openings and museum parties are usually relatively educated and interesting to talk to.

The only downside is that these can sometimes feel a little stuffy and formal but they are great for built-in conversation potential and expanding your social network. You never know when someone will have a sister, friend, or daughter they want you to meet.

13. While doing your laundry

The laundromat gives you the time and opportunity to work up the courage to talk to her, but the downside is that there aren’t always a ton of eligible women there to talk to at any given time.

The best way to handle this is to vary the times that you choose to tackle your clothes — with the weekend being the busiest time — giving you more opportunities to meet women but also increasing the irritation and difficulty of doing the actual task.

14. Volunteering

You can’t go wrong helping a cause that you believe in — and the potential to meet women with the same interests is high.

Try your best to choose a volunteer activity which includes people from whatever age group you’re in. That way, you’ll be more likely to meet more compatible women.

15. Classes or sports teams

These are good since they give you the opportunity to get to know people easier than simply going about your daily routine. Plus, you’re together for a set period of time on a schedule.

The only downside here is that if you start dating someone and it doesn’t work out, you’re in for some potential routine awkwardness. At any rate, it’s not going to be as bad as if you met someone at work.

16. Bookstores

Bookstores are great for the absolute wealth of conversation topics and the fact that people tend to spend more time there than they would on a conventional

17. Shopping

Like bookstores, shopping, in general, is usually a relaxed environment with a lot of different possibilities for conversation starters.

18. While waiting in line

Get in the habit of talking to people while you’re waiting in really any line. It’s also good practice for when you see someone you’re attracted to.

19. Your building

Talking to the girl next door remains the only way to meet the girl next door.

20. Dinner parties.

Having friends introduce you is still one of the top ways to meet someone to date.

Even if you’re tired and the idea of making small talk sounds excruciating, simply make it a habit to automatically go to any group activity you’re invited to.

21. Hair and nail salons

More single guys would do well to realize that choosing a female hairstylist and really getting to know her has a lot of potential fringe benefits.

First, you’ll have consistently great hair. And second, stylists usually know a ton of women.

The more you frequent and make friends with your stylist, the more likely that she’ll want to introduce you to someone you might click with.

Same with your nail person — should you choose to go the super awesome route of cleaning up your wolverine feet in time for summer. Also, getting regular pedicures makes you more attractive and gives you the opportunity to get a foot massage once a month or so.

Both are reasons to get over to the salon more often.

22. Parks and kid places

Waiting for your kids to play is a good time to potentially meet single mothers — especially if you go on nights and weekends when they are likely to go because they usually have to work to support themselves the rest of the time.

23. PTA meetings

Just like the above, PTA meetings can be a great way to meet other single parents — and the ratio of women to men is usually high. Just by virtue of showing up, you look like a caring dad.

24. Weddings

Go to every wedding you’re invited to. You can’t go wrong with the potential to at least meet a few single women while you partake in free food and booze while you’re hopefully looking your best.

25. Church.

I put church last on this list of places to meet quality women because it can be heaven or hell (ha!), but it’s a great place to meet a life partner. However, if your relationship doesn’t work out, it can get awkward fast.

Either way, if you attend church regularly, you have the opportunity to meet women who share your faith.

Now that you know exactly where to meet women — you’re out of excuses.

You’re welcome, gentlemen.

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