13 Ways To Enjoy An Awesome Date Night At Home

13 Ways to Enjoy An Awesome Date Night At Home
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I haven't met a married couple yet that doesn't enjoy sharing a romantic date night.  Ideally, we'd have a night out every week and make it an untouchable appointment on our calendar.
Unfortunately, there's that whole "real life" thing that gets in the way.  We're all busy and short on time, and it's unrealistic for most of us to go out on the town whenever we'd like.
And if you have kids, it's not only hard to find the time to get away, but the costs of babysitting can make it impractical.
Romance Right at Home
When you can't get out of the house or you just prefer a simple night alone, an "in-house" date night is in order!
A romantic night spent with your spouse doesn't require extra money.  More importantly, it doesn't require a lot of time, which is an even more precious commodity for many of us.


13 Simple At-Home Date Ideas

So, just what can you do together at home to spark the romance and fuel your passion for one another?
In short, whatever you want! Here are some ideas to get you going:

1.  Watch a movie & eat popcorn

2.  Snuggle on the couch & listen to music

3.  Cook a nice meal together

4.  Exchange foot rubs/back rubs

5.  A "campfire" in the backyard or deck (chiminea)

6.  Play boardgames or cards

7.  Enjoy a glass of wine (or five)

8.  Spend time naked in a hot tub (hot tub optional)

9.  Cheesecake over candlelight

10. Sit outside and enjoy the quiet

11. Just talk about anything besides the kids or work

12. Play Nintendo Wii together

13. Have Amazing Sex!

I'm sure you can find something you enjoy on this list!  Please leave your own ideas in the comments below to share them with the community.

Save this article and jot down some of your other ideas, too.  Then you'll always be ready for a night of fun and romance...no babysitter required!

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