5 Reasons Why Curvy Women Have The Best Sex


More cushion for the pushin'.

A hot and highly debated topic lately is weight and weight loss. Everywhere you look there is another ad on how to lose weight and get "skinny."

Women are constantly put to the test and struggle with social "norms" to create a better and leaner body. The super skinny model is put in front of us as "the way" to fit in the world.

But despite all of the media and social pressure to create the "ultra thin" body, the health and wellness industry is suggesting that strong is the new thin. We're seeing more women's bodies advertised as muscular and curvy. This means more curves, more definition and more sexuality! You're curves can actually be the difference between OK sex and GREAT sex.

Sexy has now been redirected to include those of us that are blessed with curves and body mass. And this concept is revolutionizing how we approach our sexy and seductive ways. Gone are the days of starvation and skinny "twiggy"women. Women are being encouraged to achieve strong lean bodies. And this body is SEXY.

So does skinny actually mean "sexy?" How in the world could the skin and bones mean better sex? Could there be an advantage to have a curvaceous, delicious and sensual body?

Do women with curves actually have better sex? The truth is that thin is bony and hard. The skinnier you become the less cushion you have available for delicious and sensual sex.

The less body there is for your lover to hold on to and love. Here's the truth — your bones don't provide much shock absorption to the pushin'. It's your fleshy and sensual body mass that can create a great sexual ride.

It is true, the curvy, healthy woman has an advantage that has not been properly highlighted by the media. And she needs her time in the spotlight to be noticed and accepted as the real deal when it comes to amazing, hot sex.

Your curves (the ones you spend so much time loathing and wanting to get rid of) are an amazing asset to sex. They give you the landscape to increased touch and sensation and allow you to feel more inside as you are engaged in sex.  All of the beautiful body that you offer can be used to enhance sexual foreplay and even better yet, engaged during sexual intercourse to create more momentum and sustained desire because you have more to hold on to.

All of this does not mean go out and grab a box of cookies to create more weight for better sex. But rather think of your body as a temple and sacred space for you to create health. And this means building a strong, supple body that has curves of flesh and muscle. The stronger you are as woman, the more you will learn to love your body and you will also discover that your curves are really worth loving.

The healthy body has balance. It has flow and ease. And as you learn to step into your flesh and own the sensual gorgeous curves that make you unique you will find that your sexual desire and excitement peaks.

Here are 5 ways to begin to love and accept the sexual pleasure of your amazing curvy body:

1. Mirror Talk

Look at yourself in the mirror full naked and allow your eyes to focus only on the lines of your body. It may help to close your eyes half way and blur out the definition so that all you see are the faint lines that make your body unique. State out loud "I love and accept my curves."

2. Touch your edges

Allow yourself to run your finger tips over the edges of your body and trace your curves. Breathe and relax into the fullness of your body. One of the best places is to trace your abdomen. Give yourself the time and space to connect with your sacred body.

3. Write yourself a sexy love letter

Write yourself a love letter and turn on the sexy. In your letter, talk to yourself about the curves and lines of your body. Give yourself validation that you are sexy and deserve to see yourself as an amazing sexual woman.

4.  Soften

Breathe into the sensation of being soft and sexy. Close your eyes and imagine that you are floating in the water. Feel how the water surrounds your curves. Feel the soft fluid flow of your beautiful body as it rests in the water. Accept your flesh as real and abundant sexual pleasure.

5.  Use a Feather

Ask your lover to trace the edges of your body with a feather. While tracing your body ask your lover to tell you how much he or she loves curves. Feel the gentle connection to the edges of your body and connection the sensation of being in your sacred temple. And when you are done with the feather slather your body in warm oil and body surf on your lover allowing yourself to breathe in and OWN the sensuality and turn on of your strong body.

If you feel out of balance and caught in a rut over your body these exercises will begin to help you love yourself again. Healthy balance is key to helping your reclaim your curvy sexuality. Too much weight on your body may mean that you can use these exercises to connect with the subtle changes that you need to make in order to feel alive and vital in your body. Your decision to strive for the self love of your curves will make all the difference and help your restore healthy balance to your sex life!

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