How To Achieve Amazing Sex WITHOUT Climax


Your orgasmic adventure can liberate you from achievement-driven sexual climax.

There is a heated conversation going on... 

Do you really need to climax to have good sex? Or is it your orgasm that can liberate your pleasure and set you free?

There are thousands of women who know how to get the most pleasure out of sex and it is true that they are not pleasure climax climbers at all, but rather orgasmic bliss seekers. Orgasm is a continual process that builds to climax. And if you truly want to achieve sexual pleasure it is important to understand the stages of your orgasm and master love-making.

Climax happens to be one part of the entire process whereas orgasm is a fantastic experience, adventure and process that has many different levels of sensation, emotion and healing.

What does orgasmic bliss sex offer you that the climactic let down sex doesn’t?

The women I know that concentrate on orgasm...well...they know the difference between a climax and an orgasm. And they are willing to stake their claims on a passion filled orgasmic work out rather than an achievement based climactic blow out. 

In order to fully flow your juices and experience insane pleasure, women need to know the difference between a climax and an orgasm. A climax is the peak of an orgasmic experience. It is the fireworks at the end of a party. Maybe, you get there, and maybe, you don't, but one thing is for sure you can reach orgasm a lot easier that you can climax. And it is your orgasm that holds all of the pleasure power that you need to have an amazing sex life.  The climax is just icing on the cake.

For many women, we shut sex out of our lives or miss out on orgasmic pleasure because we are thinking that we have to hit peak performance in bed in order to please our partner's expectations of climax. However, you can take your power right back from the bleak picture of climax sex by knowing what powers your orgasm holds and asking for what you want from your partner.

In order to understand the difference, there are five things you need to know about your orgasm!

1. Orgasm Begins And Ends With Desire 

You have to be turned on to get into your orgasmic experience. When you find yourself floating away and thinking about other things, you are nowhere near an orgasm, and there is no way you are going to climax. Is it a desire of yours to experience real sex different from what maybe you think you know about sex? Your desire to make sex an exploration can help you enter into an orgasmic state of bliss.

2. Excitement Is The Driving Energy For Orgasm

You want to feel yourself excite and flow with the power of your desires in order to feel yourself surrender to the orgasmic waves of ecstasy. Excitement is the wave that pushes you to connect in love-making and brings orgasmic energy into play.

3. Arousal Is A State Of Attention To Detail

In arousal, you will feel empowered to ask for more. As you become aware of the sensations that bring blood flow to your vagina and clitoris you will feel yourself become aroused and alive. This sensation of blood flow, heat and turn on is necessary to keep you in the sexual play. As you become aroused, just as a man's penis hardens so does your clitoris enlarge and fill with pleasure. This is the peak of experience that will lead you into orgasm

5. Orgasm Is Like a Wave Of Muscular Activity That Runs Through Your Vagina, Tissues And Body 

It is the energy that surges from the arousal and in a healthy experience, causes the juices of your sexuality to flow. As you orgasm, you will feel yourself become fluid flow. You will feel yourself tense up and release as the juices flow through your body and lubricate your experience. 

6. Orgasm Carries With It Healing Benefits That Are Sustainable 

As you begin to work with your orgasm and stretch it out into a multitude of delicious waves of energy and bliss, you will find that these waves create happiness, joy and peace of mind that continue beyond your sexual arousal. The body memory and chemicals of happiness that are produced can last way beyond your bedroom experience.

So although you may want to hit the peak of your climax and feel the explosive power of your sexual experience, it is important to take time to nurture your orgasmic consciousness and ride the waves of pleasure.

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