Want To Find Love In 30 Days? Here's How (Seriously)


Love is closer than you think.

Do you believe it's possible to create love, lasting love, fulfilling love, the love you've always dreamed about - in just 30 days?

The first step toward creation of anything in life is to "BELIEVE" it is possible.

Yes, you CAN created a new love habit, a way of thinking, believing, feeling and doing that transforms all of your relationships and brings you unconditional and lasting love.

Most of us have no idea what it really means to love.  And I don't just mean that we don't know how to love others.  What I am often amazed about is that we don't have a clue about how to truly love our own self.  We listen to the suggestions, demands and requests of others.  We try to change ourselves to fit into some picture we have of the way we "should" be.  We imitate our favorite celebrities.  We attempt to be completely different from those we don't like or respect.  And we often hide our true thoughts and emotions, even from our own self.

But our bodies do not lie. When we ignore what is true for us and we attempt to be or do something we know is not right for us, our bodies respond.  Illness often begins as a state of dis-ease, emotional discomfort, lack of internal integrity, inability to follow our own wisdom.

Love is a gift, to be given freely without expectations, demands and judgments.  Who you are, being who you are and sharing yourself with others, IS your gift to the world.  Why would you want to change that and attempt to connect with others in the same way that someone else does?  The more you share your true self with others the more freedom you give them to share their true self.

Every time we hear about someone who went off the deep end, physically or emotionally harmed others, you can be sure that this person does not and has not felt loved.  Yes, they may have friends and family.  Yes, they may belong to a group.  But they are clinging to others to hide from their own lack of love, sense of emptiness and fear of not being good enough.

When you feel loved, how can you even consider hurting someone else?  When you feel worthwhile, lovable, cared for and appreciated in your world, if any one person does not show you that love you will know instantly that you are okay.  You will be able to speak freely, share what you think and feel, and not buy into that other person's negativity.  In fact, you may feel empathy for the emotional pain of this other person that is causing him or her to act in unloving ways.

When you discover the power of love, for yourself first, and for others in your life, then every day becomes a real opportunity to share your love and brighten up other people's lives. And the more you share your own love, the more there is to go around in the world.

Love is something we can never get enough of, but I am talking about love - not possessiveness, neediness, clinging, overpowering, suppressing or guilt-ridden expectations stated in the name of love.

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