Is Your Man Someone You Can Trust?

What do you really know about this guy?

All too often in life, people fall in love blindly. They refuse to make note of how the actions of another person define them. They pay too much attention to words and way too little to actions.

Here is an undeniable truth about people: Actions speak louder than words! We know, you've heard this all before! But the truth is, you can, and must, judge a man by his actions and not by his words!

Words are cheap. Actions mean everything! The truth is always there for all to see when you observe the way people act and respond, rarely by what they say. Good men practice what they preach. Here's why.

In response to the question, "Is he someone you can trust?" you must always remember this: You can tell a lot about a man by his actions. How does he respond to you? How does he treat you? How does he treat your family, your children, his friends, his dog and all of the people he interacts with? How does he treat the janitor, the person who cuts the grass, the clerk at the gas station or the waitress?

Real men say what they mean and act the same way. They don't say one thing and then do the opposite. Real men — good, decent men — will always demonstrate who they are by their consistent actions. To know the real truth about a man, pay close and careful attention to him over a period of several weeks and then ask yourself this question: Is he really what he appears to be? Consistent actions on his part will tell you what you need to know, for good or for bad.

Lately, we have been working with a couple who have been married for nearly 15 years and are calling it quits. She told us that it was time to get out of the relationship — time to "fish or cut bait." For nearly 15 years, her husband had mentally abused her and their children, while all the time boasting about how much he loved them. Actions speak louder than words!

The truth is, you cannot really love your children when you constantly berate them. You can't truly love anyone that you put down, yell at or constantly point out their failings and their frailties. We all make mistakes. We all do dumb things from time to time. And the truth is, we more often than not recover from the shortcomings we have. Honest, one-time mistakes are forgivable. On the other hand, repeated actions reveal who a person really is, for good or for bad. Keep reading ...

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