Who's On Top?

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Bring masculinity and femininity into the bedroom.

Sexual positions during intercourse come in all varieties and entanglements. Some more difficult than others.  Some resemble the game of Twister, while others look like two lovers lounging in bed for an afternoon nap. The sexual positions you find yourself in potentially bring all kinds of thoughts and feelings into the bedroom that subtly shape the erotic experience and give it definition. With a man on top, or a woman straddling her lover, a woman’s experience of  "femininity" and a man’s experience of "masculinity" can be heightened and sustained; And create erotic pleasure in the process. Here’s what we mean.

We believe two lovers in marriage create amazing passion and erotic energy by how you think, feel and reach out to each other. It begins with identifying your own sexual feelings, desire and the power—key ingredients that make great sex possible. In other words, it starts inside of you. That collage of emotions, sensual feelings and thoughts that allow you to sink deeply into your own experience of being sexual with your partner. Comfortable with your own nakedness and sexual desire. Here’s what this may look like as you identify your sexual power, capacity for erotic pleasure and ability to have fun in bed when you, a woman, bring your femininity into the scene. And when you, a man, experience and bring your masculinity into your mate’s presence.

Imagine yourself on top. After foreplay and after creating the right loving atmosphere that helps create a safe, erotic adventure with your lover. Yes, you’re on top. Of his body, of her body. Let’s start with her!

What erotic, sensual and powerful experiences, could be yours as a woman on top?

  • Feeling your beauty as a woman, remembering you have breasts he longs to touch, skin he hopes to feel and desire you have set on fire in his body and mind. And a face he attaches to your spirit, with all the love that flows between you. Share these boldly as you climb on top and surround his physical being.
  • Relax into position, knowing only you belong above his naked frame. Let go of any tension in your body. Close your eyes and breathe deeply without moving. Remember that only you, as a woman, possess the body he can merge into. Remind yourself of the gift you are giving him and the explosive experience that awaits him.
  • Identify emotions besides sexual feelings for your lover. Feel the tenderness and fondness you have for him. Open your eyes and look into his. Experience the love and care you bring into his life. The joy of sharing the journey together. Lean down and kiss him as a way of saying thank you for being the man you love, the body you desire and the life you share with only him.
  • Treat him like a king as you let him take you and lose himself in your body and soul. He gets this experience nowhere else!

What erotic, sensual and powerful experiences, could be yours as a man on top?

  • Feeling your power as a man, knowing your lover needs to feel cherished and safe, not just an object you enter for personal satisfaction. Let her know this by how you look into her eyes. Find a way to communicate, "You’re safe and protected and I desire you for more than your body."
  • Relax with long pauses as you look into her eyes and stroke her face. Remember your power comes in how you show her care and tenderness, not just the strength in your body.
  • Identify your own emotions of care and fondness that come from your love for her. Suspend time and your desire for release in favor of looking deeply into her eyes, stroking her face and saying thoughtful words that convey, "I love you and only you." Appreciate the gift her femininity brings into your life by slowing your pace and holding her tightly and securely while you bring her pleasure.
  • Treat her like a goddess with your smile, embrace and care for her spirit and soul. She gets this experience nowhere else! Keep Reading...

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