10 Simple Steps To Get The Spark Back In A Blaaaaah Sex LIfe

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10 Easy Steps To Help Put The Spark Back In A Female Sex Life

33% of women between the ages of 18 and 59 have a low sex drive, study says.

A lack of sexual desire in women is quite common, especially when the woman has reached the age where symptoms of menopause start to develop. Daily stress, problems in a relationship, and many other elements in a woman’s life can also have a large impact on her libido and cause her sex drive to decline tremendously.

WebMD reports that a recent study revealed that, among women between the ages of 18 and 59, approximately 33 percent have a sex drive so low that it caused them to lose an interest in sexual activities.

They go on to explain that, while many believe that this dive in sex drive is caused by mental issues, recent studies have provided evidence that it is actually caused by a combination of physical and mental elements.

While a large number of women do suffer from a lack of sex drive, research suggests that drinking a pill to boost hormone levels might not be the answer. In fact, they claim that a women’s sex drive is much more complicated than that and needs to be dealt from both a physical and mental angle.

Here are 10 easy steps that women can take in order to help gain some level of relief and to help them boost their sex drive, one step at a time:

1. Switch to a different birth control pill.

Birth control pills are often used to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy. They help by allowing a woman to have sexual intercourse without having to worry about getting pregnant.

While a large number of studies have taken a look at the effects birth control pills can have on a woman’s sex drive, no specific evidence has been provided as yet as these studies provide mixed results.

A study conducted by Charles University in the Czech Republic took into account the effects birth control pills had on 13,673 women. They provided evidence that 15 percent of the participating women suffered from a drop in libido levels while taking birth control pills. They did report that 85 percent of women reported no change or even a better sex drive.

These numbers provide evidence that some women do tend to experience a lower sex drive while taking a birth control pill, but others don’t. For this reason, speaking with your doctor in order to obtain a prescription for a different birth control pill might do the trick.

2. Be in control of your stress.

While we all have to cope with daily stress — stress at work and stress at home — how we cope with this stress can make a large difference.

On ShareCare, Ian Kerner (PhD) explains that sex is often considered to be an element that may have the largest impact on sex drive among both men and women. He contains to explain that too much stress causes a person’s libido to drop, thus taking away the desire to have sex.

Instead of trying to cope with stress, work out a plan that will help you be in control. Spend some time figuring out how you can lower your stress levels and try to make some time for relaxation.

3. Exercise more.

In an ever-so-busy lifestyle, we often forget the importance of exercise. Not only does exercise help keep our bodies in a healthy shape, but it can also increase sexual performance and help to bump up a person’s sex drive.

Fitness explains that several studies have been able to proof exercise to be an effective way of helping women become aroused more quickly. They go on to explain that exercise works on both the physical and psychological aspects that may decline a woman’s sex drive.

4. Look at your medication.

Even though birth control can have a negative impact on a person’s sex drive, it is important not to rule out other medicated possibilities. Certain types of medication, such as prescription drugs that treat high blood pressure, may also have a negative effect on sex drive.

Other medication that may also have a negative effect includes prescription drugs for treating depression, anxiety, and GERD. Certain over-the-counter medication used as antihistamines can also cause a drop in libido for up to 24 hours.

5. Work on your bedroom.

Your bedroom is where the majority of intimacy happens. For this reason, your bedroom should be a room where you are perfectly comfortable in. If your bedroom is messy or not very romantic, it could cause a negative impact on your sexual desire.

Take a look around your bedroom and decide if there are any modifications you can make to spice it up — even if it just needs some proper cleaning, then do it. This can help make you feel more comfortable in the bedroom and cause a boost in sexual desire.

6. Leave technology out of the bed. 

Many couples tend to bring their technology (laptop, cell phone, or tablet) with them to bed. This often causes a feeling of disconnection from one another as each person sits in their own worlds while browsing the latest updates from Facebook or checking up on their friends. 

Health.com recommends making the entire bedroom a technology-free zone and instead, spend the time you’d usually spend on technology with each other. 

7. Catch up on sleep.

Being deprived of sleep can have a major impact on both your physical and psychological health. Fusion.net reports that a lack of sleep can also have a major impact on hormones and even kill your libido. This causes a lack of sexual desire.

If you are not getting enough sleep, then try to make some time to catch up on sleep. This can also help to eliminate fatigue and give you back your energy.

8. Check your cholesterol levels.

High levels of cholesterol can be very bad for your health and even cause a lack of blood flow towards some of the most essential areas in the body.

Fox News reported that research has also found a link between high cholesterol and a low sex drive in women. They go on to report that high levels of cholesterol cause insufficient blood flow to the pelvic area in women, which impacts lubrication. This can cause sexual intercourse to be more painful and even result in a loss of libido.

9. Have regular date nights.

The longer a couple is together, the more they start to take each other for granted. Eventually, this causes the two partners to become disconnected from one another.

If a woman is feeling a loss of libido due to a lack of interest in the relationship, then scheduling a date night once or twice a week could help the two partners reconnect and even help with their sex life.

10. Eat healthy.

Running around all day often causes hunger, which causes people to grab the nearest bite, as they do not have time to make themselves something healthy.

While fried foods and other unhealthy choices may lower your libido, certain fruits and vegetables that are just as easy to get a hold of can actually help to increase your libido. 

There are many factors that can impact the female sex drive. From aspects such as living an unhealthy lifestyle to other elements such as an untidy bedroom. Taking small steps can often be the answer to boosting the sex drive of a woman and helping them enhance their desire to have sex.

Many women also find that using a product such as Zenogel to be useful in helping them improve their sex drive, while others prefer to switch their lifestyle habits in order to live healthier.