How To Maintain Your Sex Life Despite Arthritis Pain?

How To Maintain Your Sex Life Despite Arthritis Pain?

Tips and tricks to keeping the sex alive while reducing your joint pain.

Do arthritis symptoms get in the way of sex?
Arthritis is a deteriorating joint disease that affects your sex life. The medications you take for it can affect your mood which results in low sex drive. Not only does it disturb your sexual life, but also reduces your ability to do simple tasks such as house cleaning. Fatigue associated with arthritis can also decrease your sexual desire. You should try to improve your intimacy in spite of having painful symptoms of arthritis.

How do arthritis symptoms affect your sex life?
The emotional and physical symptoms of arthritis can affect relationships, sexual expression and pleasure very badly. Swollen joints make you feel less attractive and hamper the self-confidence. With painful joints, it is very difficult to move into the positions you are used to.

Arthritis challenges your sex life in the following ways:

  • It sometimes leads to vaginal dryness which makes intercourse uncomfortable
  • Emotional symptoms such as stress, anxiety and depression reduces libido
  • You find it difficult to move into your favorite positions because of painful and stiff joints
  • Fatigue and low energy decreases your sexual desire
  • Problems with physical attractiveness and self esteem
  • Poor blood flow reduces sensation

Does arthritis medication diminish your sexual desire?
There are dozens of medications available by prescription and over-the-counter to treat the various forms of arthritis. While these medications may help relieve your joint pain and inflammation, they can really influence your sex life and give you the following side effects:  

  • Increases the risk of impotence
  • Considerably reduces sex drive
  • Reduces the ability of attaining orgasm
  • Makes you feel exhausted
  • Causes bloating
  • Increases weight gain

Tips to have easy sex and fun despite having arthritis pain
Arthritis pain can really kill your libido. A latest study has revealed that it is not the pain which is responsible but its depression that affects your sex life. To improve your sex life, mutual understanding between you and your partner is very important. Try to be open minded and go for new positions to make sex comfortable. Make future plans after a good discussion with your partner, this will fill your sex life with enjoyment despite of pain.

Discuss your worries and concerns with your partner. Tell about your lack of interest. Your partner should know that your arthritis is affecting your libido. Talk about the challenges such as inability to attain orgasm and painful intercourse to suggest new ways of making sex less painful.

The following tips can make you feel comfortable during sex if you have arthritis pain:

Heat therapy
To reduce stiffness, try a little heat therapy. It will make you sensuous and relaxed during sex. Apply a heating pad to stiff joints or take a hot shower to warm up your joints.

Make plans
A good planning can help you enjoy sex in a better way. Plan for a special night to make sex romantic and satisfying. Don't forget to take your medication in advance, to relieve your pain. To feel energetic, take a short nap in the day, relax your body. You can have sex during the daytime when you feel best.

Body massage
Ask your partner to give you a good massage. You will feel better and it will also help you get in the mood for having sex.

Try new positions
Try something new that doesn't increase pain on your joints. Sometimes old, familiar positions can be very painful. Look for positions that lessen pressure and strain on your joints.

Props can help
Avoid positions that are painful for you. Adjust your body properly using a rolled sheet or pillows to get some support during sex. 

Sex is an important part of your life. It is an enjoyable activity that increases your love to your partner, reduces stress and heightens your mood. Don't let your arthritis affect your sexual life. Take it as a fun experience and follow the ways mentioned above to make sex comfortable.