What would you imagine paradise to be like…


I’m gonna assume we’re not taking about heaven but a paradise on Earth…

Paradise is pain free. There is no depression, there is no anxiety, there is no heartache. I’ve had my share. I’m done with all that in my paradise. I’d finally be at PEACE. I’d grow always but not have to be in pain to learn. My paradise would have to have a beach, it would be like the one in the picture about which is infront of my families house in Mexico. Everyday would be like a cool summer day, with a perfect cool breeze. Somedays there’d be thunder and lightening. I’d have a house big enough for my family, I’de be happlily married with healthy happy children and all my loved ones would be close by. Maybe my mama would live next door. She’d be happily remarried and get to spend lots of time with her grandkids. I’d have a whole room in my house just for art! There would be a library inside and I could paint and create all day long. There would be no stress of work or school or money. Everyday we would just be able to celebrate each other. We’d maybe have a different adventure everyday and we would be able to travel the world. I’d have lots of pets (but someone else to clean up after them haha) There would be lots of music and laughter and bonfires on the beach! I’d play the guitar and sing and my family and loved ones would all jam together.

Of course I know that in reality in order to find happiness there must be some heartache and in order to grow there must be some pain, so I know that this isn’t very likely…


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