How Do Sexual Patterns Reveal Themselves?


The pattern can begin very early in life when a person first starts to masturbate

People often go into marriage thinking that their past sexual pattern or way of having sex somehow vanishes. That is because the sex is new and fun in the relationship and that the past sexual pattern will not matter, but it does. As we get older and have more sexual partners, ways of masturbating, we get into a sexual pattern that we may not even realize and this pattern will eventually come out in the marriage. The best case scenario is that the sexual pattern can be shared with your spouse working it into the love making.

The worst case senior is that you are afraid to tell your spouse and eventually go behind their backs to fill the sexual desires with another person or on line pornography. More often than not the latter happens in a marriage and the sexual pattern reveals itself after years of sex that is unfulfilling and unsatisfying.

What is a sexual pattern?
This is the way a person goes about sexual pleasure in their lives and believe it or not most people have a certain way that they masturbate themselves to orgasm or a particular position in sex that brings them to climax. The pattern can begin very early in life when a person first starts to masturbate. Masturbation for a man will take on a particular rhythm and way that he brings himself to climax. In some cases this will carry over to sex with a partner and he will get into the sexual position that masturbates him that way or with a hand job and go back to the same motion. With some men that sexual pattern can involve certain thoughts or even sexual fetishes.
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