How To Have Great Sex & Remain Unattached Like A Man


Men have the advantage over women when it comes to having great sex and not getting overly attached.

How do men do this, but women end up getting their hearts broken? There are a few factors at play and most are rooted in our biological differences between men and women.

One of the most powerful hormones released in the female body during and after an orgasm is oxytocin “The love hormone” This hormone is responsible for the feelings of attachment a woman may feel with a man after sex. Oxytocin is best known for its roles in sexual reproduction in particular during and after a child is born. The female body releases oxytocin in large amounts during labor, facilitating maternal bonding, and, after stimulation of the nipples, during breastfeeding.

Once the oxytocin is released a woman feels wonderful after sex and wants to remain close to her man. If she is consistency having sex with him, then spending time after cuddling or sleeping together can intensify that attachment. Men do not release nearly the same amount of oxytocin that women do, and the physical closeness and touch that creates the bond takes more time for a man to get attached than a woman. In some cases for women it only takes one sexual encounter with really great sex having, many orgasms to feel the effects of the attachment take over. The reality of fatal attraction for some women is a result of extra oxytocin released and the brain craving more of it like a withdrawal from a very powerful drug.

How a woman can avoid the attachment but still enjoy the great sex with a man, a few rules have to be applied.

The trick is the cuddle, NO CUDDLING! After the hot sex with your guy, give him a kiss, and excuse yourself to the bathroom. After the avoidance of the cuddle it is now time to leave or have him leave, absolutely no spending the night either, this also creates attachment. Lastly if you do like the sex and you are having fun, limit the time you see him, this will give your body the chance to get rid of any hormonal attachments that you may have been building up. Men have been able to have this guiltless unattached pleasure for centuries, now it’s time for a woman to enjoy a little unattached fabulous sex herself.

Lastly, the opposite can be applied if you happen to want to have a relationship with a man. Don’t have sex with him for a while, do cuddle with him and do touch him in a nurturing way. A few weeks or months later if he is still around then you can jump in bed, stay in bed have fabulous sex and cuddle!

This article was originally published at Examiner. Reprinted with permission from the author.