Why Disney's 'Frozen' Holds The Key To Finding True Love

Why Disney's 'Frozen' Holds The Key To Finding True Love

If you haven't seen the movie "Frozen" yet, you're missing out on some amazing dating advice.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't watched "Frozen" yet, you may want to look away now. Don't read on if you haven't seen it and don't want to know anything about it. Then again, we're all adults here and it's pretty much a standard format Disney movie with a twist.

If you're a parent like me, you may already be sick and tired of "Frozen." Since it's been out, my daughter has forced me to watch it every time I've seen her. Not only do I have to watch it, but we also have to play the songs in the car. I've heard "Let it go" so many times, I really would like to let it go now!

But the beauty of the movie is the actual twist and how it relates to us. As I'm sure you know, Disney movies generally follow the same pattern. Girl meets prince. Prince falls in love with girl. Prince rescues girl from dastardly and wicked stepmother.

The prince is usually the man the father never was. He's tender and caring. The prince is the man who fulfills the girls dream, and she meets the one without ever having dated before. That's one of the things I love about Disney. The princess seems to meet her true love at the first shot. Wouldn't it be great if life worked that way?

Imagine if we all met "the one" on the first shot, without having to deal with the whole rigmarole of dating all the frogs first. Disney has changed it all about in the movie "Frozen."

The movie is all about two sisters: Anna and Elsa. As with most Disney movies their parents die. Why do all the parents seem to die in these movies? The Disney princesses always appear to grow up without a complete family. They're always strong, feisty girls who survived growing up with a mother or father.

Anyway, Anna and Elsa stroll around their mansion unattended from what I can make out. Elsa has a magical power that freezes everything, and Anna plays by herself. Coronation day is coming. Elsa is going to be named queen, but is terrified about her magical power and that she might freeze everything.

On coronation day, Anna is in need of attention (the first signs of co-dependency). Good job she runs into Hans. Hans is a prince with 12 or 13 brothers (I can never remember how many)— In true Disney style, Anna and Hans fall head over heels in love on the first day they meet. Anna asks her sister, the new queen, for permission to marry Hans. Elsa asks Anna how she can possibly know what love is.

Cue for a song, everything goes crazy, and Elsa freezes everything. (Hence the title of the movie!) Horrified she runs off leaving her sister Anna with a quest to find her sister, mend their relationship, and marry her love.

She meets a guy called Kristoff who helps her, and these things called 'The Love Doctors' who are actually really cute. Kristoff by the way is a blue collar kind of guy. Kind of goofy but actually very nice.

He gets bossed around by Anna, and even though he's a nice guy she doesn't see it because she thinks she's already found the one. What I love about this whole situation is the average guy is so much nicer than the prince in the story. Thank you Disney for pointing out that sometimes the average guy is better than the prince.

Kristoff believes he's in the friend-zone with Anna, like he probably is all the time with women. So, of course what does he do? He does his best to help Anna find her prince. Like most nice guys, he thinks women want the dastardly prince and doesn't give himself a chance with her.

Even though Kristoff has feelings for Anna he does the right thing and helps her find Hans. Nice guys like Kristoff never tell women they have feelings for them because they're afraid of rejection. It's always the princes and the guys with confidence, who state what they want and how they feel. Most guys aren't princes.

What happens next?

Hans tells Anna he doesn't love her, and he just wanted to take over the castle. See, I told you the price was dastardly. The prince always turns into Hannibal Lector anyway, and by the time most women hit 30 years old, all the princes she thought she'd fallen in love with are now ex-boyfriends, and total assholes.

In the end, the good guy wins out. The guy who normally ends up in the friend zone finally has his way. Thanks Disney for creating a brand new ending to everyone's story.

Women need to stop looking for their prince, and start paying attention to the guy they normally friend zone. Why? Because there are so many strong, awesome men out there, but because they don't have the mentality of a prince, they don't believe they're ever going to get the girl.

I'm glad Disney has changed the perception of the prince. Ladies, watch the movie "Frozen" and see it for yourself. Forget about Prince Hans, and go and look for your Kristoff. Stop looking for the prince, and look at the guy you've ignored your entire life. HE'S the one you really should be falling in love with.

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