Dear David - Please Find Me "The One"

woman going crazy

I'm about to reveal the shocking truth about "The One" and why you haven't found him yet!

Every day another email comes in from women begging me to help her find "The One."

I love that term… "The One."

When I hear it, I always think of the number One standing there all by itself on a street corner. It's looking both ways in its weird, crooked-neck fashion. It looks at traffic down one side of the street. It somehow pops one of its eyes out and looks down another street. It's constantly searching for another One. 

Where is the other One?

When is the other One going to walk by me? Why are so many Ones out there looking like Zeros and Twos?
Why do so many Ones look like Fives? Or Sixes? Or Eights?

Why are so many Ones fat, bald and ugly? What, where'd that come in?

Today I got a “Dear David,” and I needed to share it for all you ladies out there looking for... "The One."

“Dear David,

I know there’s a ton of great men out there, but finding a great quality man I truly connect with isn’t easy. All I seem to attract is the fat, bald, ugly guys. The cute guys out there seem to just want to have sex. What’s going wrong?”

David Says…

Mindset is everything here. Let’s break down this email, and let’s talk about it. She wants to find "The One."

You know how I feel about Ones. Life is a series of Ones.

The One that you thought you fell in love with last year was The One, The One that you fell in love with in college was The One, and The One you probably married was The One. A One just keeps appearing in different ways, shapes and forms. Unfortunately, for this woman they seem to be all the fat, bald and ugly guys.

Her mindset needs to change. Finding a good, quality man you connect with isn’t easy. I would make you a mantra that goes, “Finding a good quality man IS easy.”

If every single day you walk around thinking about finding a great quality man, what do you need to be? You need to be a great quality woman. 

You need to be a great quality woman first in order to attract that great guy. Once you attract that great guy then things tend to change. She said the cute guys are so eager and desperate to have sex. It seems as if that’s all they want. All men are eager and desperate to have sex because that's what men are all about. 

They're always eager and desperate to have sex. Men love that. Quality men are everywhere, you need to become and have that mindset of a quality woman. I'm sure she's an amazing woman, but nothing's going to change in her life until her mindset changes. 

Nothing's ever going to change in her life unless she believes there are great unbelievable men out there. And they ARE everywhere. Mindset is everything in life. The better you feel the better quality of man you’re going to meet. 

The cute guys want to get laid. Cute guys always get laid, and they know it. “Fat, bald, ugly” guys will chase anything that moves because they know they have to put themselves out there. So just go out there, and enjoy yourself. Change your mindset. Change your attitude. Change your beliefs, and just continue to be open. Don't show frustration, and eventually, you'll find "The One."