The Biggest Dating Mistake Women Make

The Biggest Dating Mistake Women Make

Stop what you're doing ladies, because you're going to discover the worst dating mistake women make.

OK Ladies, drop what you're doing and listen closely. I'm about to give you the best piece of dating advice you're ever likely to hear in your life. In fact, once you hear what I'm about to share, you'll understand why men rarely approach women anymore. It all comes down to the biggest dating mistake women make, and I see it happening time after time.

I'll give you a common scenario to imagine, so you can picture the scene. First pick somewhere you go on a regular basis and imagine yourself there. Maybe that's a coffee show, supermarket or even a gym. Then imagine the following scenerio:

A man walks over and introduces himself. He's a charming guy, he makes you smile, and you have a nice moment together. Eventually he plucks up the courage to ask you for your number.

You give him your number without a second thought, and tell him to call you later. Off he goes very happy with himself, and later that day he does actually call you. Instead of picking up the phone as he expects, you ignore his calls and his texts. Why?

Because you had no intention of seeing him again. Once this happens to a guy more than a couple of times he won't approach women anymore. He expects them to flake on him so why should he bother.

Women do this all the time, and now there's a standoff between men and women. Guys are too afraid to approach women because they're worried you'll flake on them, and the most dating "experts" tell you it's the man's job to approach you, not the other way around. The result: millions of people resort to sitting on dating sites to find love, because nobody wants to talk to each other on the outside.

Someone needs to break the cycle, and it needs to start with you and all your friends. So here's what I want you to do. Share this blog with all your friends. Get the word out there, and let's try to get men and women on the same page again. You need to be open and honest with men from the start. If you're not attracted to him, don't give him your phone number.

Tell him you have a boyfriend, or that you're only looking for a friend not a relationship. It doesn't matter what you tell him, as long as you don't give him false hope. When a guy gets your number, he genuinely likes you. He wants to see you again, and he probably already has your first date all mapped out. Imagine how he feels when you suddenly ignore all his calls and texts.

What do you think that does to a guy's confidence?

If he approaches you and you're not attracted to him just let him know. That way he moves on and he forgets you. If you give a guy your number and then flake on him, you're damaging him, and it's women that suffer in the long run.

Let's stop this horrible cycle by not leading men on a merry dance. It's not fair, and it's not right. And before you get upset, I kick the guys butts like this all the time. Today it's your turn!

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