10 Clues To Tell If He Is Cheating

10 Clues To Tell If He Is Cheating [EXPERT]
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Are you suspicious that your husband is cheating on you? Here's a checklist of telltale signs.

Men cheat. Not all men, or even most men. But, certainly enough men that the males species have earned an untrustworthy reputation. But, how can you know if your guy is cheating? It is difficult to know for sure unless he confesses, you catch him in the act or his mistress emails you incriminating video proof. However, if you suspect your significant other is involved in extracurricular carnal cavorting, here are 10 clues to look for. 

1. Your guy has always been less than a stickler about his appearance, but suddenly he is moussing, moisturizing, and actually using that nose hair trimmer you gave him as a stocking stuffer three years ago.

2. You always believed he would need a GPS device to find your washer and dryer. But, lately his desire to launder his own clothes has been verging on obsession.

3. Despite the fact that he is a habitual morning bather, recently he has taken to showering off the "dirt and grime of the day" before he feels clean enough to hit the sheets.

4. Your husband uses credit cards for absolutely everything. Yet, your current bank statement shows numerous ATM withdrawals and cancelled checks made out to cash.

5. The horndog you married never passed up a chance to grope your goodies at any opportunity. Yet, lately sex seems to only happen when you initiate it10 Super Honest Reasons Men Looove (And Appreciate) Your Boobs

6. On the occasions when sex has been on the menu, his standard technique seem to be slightly refined. 5 Reasons Men Love It When Women Give Them Blow Jobs

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