Grammy Awards Performance Tries To Help Domestic Violence Victims

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Pop star Katy Perry and President Barack Obama took on the topic of domestic violence this week.

Pop star Katy Perry and President Obama took on the topic of domestic violence this week. Perry performed 'By the Grace of God' with domestic violence survivor Brooke Axtell at the Grammys. The inspiring performance highlighted the plight of people living with domestic violence, and encouraged victims to reach out for help.

President Obama introduced the domestic violence theme with a frank and direct plea to victims to rise up and seek help. This unprecedented collaboration between one of the reigning queens of pop with the President of the free world has taken the media by storm. Axtell stood strong as a survivor of abuse, showing other victims that it is possible to escape and survive.

The Orchard Human Services, Inc. provides referrals and supportive services to victims of domestic violence. Charlene Shockley, an Addiction Counselor with The Orchard, explained that people living with domestic violence must first get to a safe location where they are protected from their abuser with a safety plan. Domestic violence shelters typically provide shelter at a secret location so survivors remain safe as they negotiate their new lives. After going to a secure and safe location, survivors are advised to seek a court order of protection if possible. Then they must start the long process of establishing a life of freedom and integrity. Counseling provides support for the changes in thinking that President Obama encouraged of all victims of domestic violence.

Victims of domestic violence can reach out to United Way for referrals to local domestic violence shelters, counselors, and legal services. Try dialing "211" on your phone to reach United Way, just like you dial "411" for information. If "211" does not work in your area, you can dial United Way directly at (703) 836-7112 or visit them online at www.UnitedWay.org.

Even after leaving the abusive environment, survivors of domestic violence need and deserve ongoing compassion, love, and support. If you and someone you know needs support to navigate through the recovery process, you can reach out to The Orchard Human Services, Inc. to seek a referral or direct counseling services.

NOTE: Darleen Claire Wodzenski offers direct services to support victims of domestic violence through The Orchard Human Services, Inc. and through PNE Institute, LLC.