4 Important Life Lessons I Learned From My 3-Year-Old Son

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Short, simple, honest and hilarious advice from my preschooler.

If you've ever met a preschooler in your life, you know that the most hilarious things come out of their mouths. Parenthood was new to me. Being a first time mom, I've come to not only appreciate the amusement my 3-year-old son brings to our family, but also the deeper insights. I could write a book of the crazy conclusions Christian has made, but for now, let's focus on the profound mindset that I've grown to cherish.

Sometimes the simplest, most obvious concepts can really shine light on how we are living our adult lives. These are some of my favorite life coach lessons from my boy. Enjoy!

  1. Know what you want and shout it from the rooftops:

When you want to make a change in your life, the first step is to figure out specifically what you want and make it clear to the Universe. Define it and ask for it. In fact, demand it. Earlier this week, I was picking Christian up from preschool when he overheard another student talking about Halloween costumes. He quickly cut into the conversation and yelled, "Guess what I am going to be when I get older!"

Now, my first reaction was that he must have misunderstood the point of the discussion. Nonetheless, we all awaited his reply with warm smiles. And then he shouted, "A BROTHER!"

Well, considering he is currently an only child, you could've blown me over. The teachers immediately looked at me with inquisitive faces. "Crystal, do you have something to share with us?" No, no, I didn't. But, apparently Christian is determined to make sure that changes. He's made his intention clear to himself and the Universe, without doubting for a second that he is capable of making it happen. 

  1. Stop planning and build it already:

My son, like most his age, is infatuated with Legos. One of the first times Christian asked me to sit and build with him, I gazed around at the hundreds of blocks around me, taking in their various colors and sizes, pondering exactly what I wanted to build. After a few minutes, I realized he had already completed his masterpiece and was quickly transforming it from an airplane to a dragon to a scary monster. Meanwhile, my board was still blank. "Oh mommy, just build something already!" he shouted.

How many times in our lives have we stalled ourselves in the planning phase? How often have we thought over and over about what we should do, constantly changing and adjusting our plans, but never actually making a decision and moving forward with it? From that point on, I vowed to always start building—creating—taking action immediately. I've learned that once you lay down the first block, the next is much easier to find, and before you know it, you'll have a completed masterpiece!

  1. Labels aren't important:

I've always been a fan of pushing boundaries and thinking outside of the box. Being that type of thinker, I've come to hate labels. In fact, when I started my business, I hesitated to call myself anything. I wasn't just a coach or speaker or healer. Nothing seemed accurate enough. Everything pin-holed me into something that made me feel lesser. "What will people think of me if they see that as my title?" I thought. Well, Christian taught me that it didn’t much matter.

Last week, I had yet another try-to-do-it-all-at-once-kind-of-day. As I rushed around, hoping we'd make it out of the house on time, Christian asked me for a banana. In his typical sharing mindset, he placed a Chiquita sticker on my husband's shirt and asked if he could place the other sticker on me. As the day went on, I was relieved that things went smoothly. When we returned from our errands, I sank down into the recliner for a few deep breaths. Getting comfortable, I reached to scratch my back and felt something stuck to my shirt. I laughed out loud as I shot out of the chair to confirm what I was feeling.

Sure enough, as I approached the mirror, I saw the big black letters perfectly placed across the middle of my back. "BANANAS!" I yelled to Christian in a somewhat laughing panic, and he confirmed the UPC sticker had been there all day. Immediately, I thought to the people that I had seen in passing. More than a few gave me a second look and a smile. "It’s ok, Mommy. It’s just a sticker," he so wisely explained. Yes, you are right, my dear. It's just a sticker. It's just a label. It means nothing. 

  1. No matter what happens, you'll always be ok:

Being a typical overprotective mom, I've noticed I'm constantly telling my boy to "Be careful!" and "Watch!". Apparently, I've also asked if he was okay quite often through the years. Now, every time he does just about anything, he yells "I'm okay!" without being prompted. He falls down: "I'm okay!". He spills a drink: "I'm okay!". He sneezes: "I'm okay!".

Oh yes, dear teacher, you are okay. And no matter what happens, you will always be okay. We all will. We spend so much time trying to teach our little ones how to act and how the world works, when really, we could be learning a lot from them and their untarnished minds. Children are more intuitive, more creative, and much more resilient than the rest of us. They don't worry about what others think. They're not anxious about the future, and they don't talk themselves out of every possibility in their life. What an amazing opportunity we have to learn from these bright, colorful, daring human beings!

If you find yourself allowing your adult mindset take over much too often, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary "Do What You Love Now" session. Your creative, fun-loving, adventurous child is in there somewhere and I can help you two reconnect.