Mix It Up, Girl! Why "Doing Something Crazy" Can Help You Find Love

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Help You Find Love

Playing it safe is sometimes the WORST way to find love. So, lighten up and live a little!

I had to laugh when I saw the story about a woman from Indonesia who put her house and herself on the market, at the same time.

I've heard of some crazy tactics for finding love, but selling yourself to sell your house is a new one! It's hard to say for sure if this was a legitimate ploy to find a husband or an urgent marketing trick to sell her home fast. Either way, she managed to do both successfully! She found a buyer for her home who's interested in marrying her, as well. 

The woman, Wina, is a single parent having a hard time making ends meet and as it turns out, her new suitor, Redi is also a single parent. He agreed to buy her home and they started communicating daily to get to know each other. They plan to meet in the near future and if they're a good match, they'll move ahead with the marriage. 

And while some people say this woman is crazy or desperate, I think it's a great reminder that, sometimes, doing something a little crazy is exactly the boost you need. So, let me ask you — What have you tried while searching for the man of your dreams? Have you gone to singles events? Tried online dating? Had your friends fix you up? These are the expected and traditional methods to meet new people — and they do work.

But, I've heard some outlandish ideas that have also produced romantic connections, with lasting results.

One woman I know stood up at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting where everyone else was asking for business connections. When it was her turn, she stated that she wanted to marry again and was looking to meet a good man. One of the members had a recently divorced brother who he fixed her up with and they were an instant item, marrying within the year.

Another woman decided to make a goal of meeting 100 men to find the right one for her. She figured the more men she met, the better her odds of finding the right one and she was right! She liked the 84th man she met, and they married too.

Sometimes finding love comes quickly, while for others it takes time. The serendipitous forces that help couples meet are a magical curiosity. As a dating coach for women over 40, one thing I know is that meeting lots of men helps you get comfortable with the process, builds your flirting and conversation skills, and improves your odds of finding love.

My own journey to finding love also had a dash of "try something crazy" energy.

It included meeting 30 men in 15 months during which time I met my adorable husband of 15 years. But once again, I used "marketing tactics" to spread the word that I wanted to marry. At first, I only told a few trusted friends about my plan to look for Mr. Right. With time, I became braver and started to tell more people about my search. After 12 months, I was very bold and told anyone who would listen about my goal to marry.

This word-of-mouth approach worked incredibly well for me.

One night I went out with a single girlfriend and she invited a bunch of her other friends. When I arrived at the outdoor patio bar, I was a bit miffed about the extra women, believing that would make it impossible to meet men. Then I let go and started talking to them. I hit it off with one gal and told her about my search and all the dating I was doing. Within 30-minutes she asked me, "Are you seeing anyone now because I think my brother would like you?"

Turns out she was right because I married her brother.

My personal marketing plan certainly paid off for me and can absolutely work for you too. You never know where the magical connection will come from. That's why I recommend being cordial to everyone you meet because they have cousins, uncles, brothers, neighbors, or colleagues who might be your ideal mate. And hey, it's OK to try something a little crazy during your search for love. 

Remember, no matter what sort of outlandish, brave plan you come up with and try to find the love of your dreamsWhen you find the right man, everything you did along the way feels completely worth it.