Guess What? Home Decor Can Boost Your Love Life!

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"Making space in your environment and decorating your home home to create a ripe place for love."

A lot of women come to into the dating and relationship program that I teach; F.L.I.R.T., wondering why they can't meet that special guy. And when I begin to work with them, we begin to discover that there are a lot of things out of place in their life—unfinished projects, a cluttered house, they have some "toxic" relationships that need "cleaning up" and they are holding on to a lot of ex-boyfriend clutter as well.

Before they are really ready for someone special to come into their life, we begin by making some space in their environment and decorating their home to create a ripe place for love to come in—space in the physical environment, space in the mental environment and mostly space in their hearts, so they can truly let this person in.

Right about now, you might be asking: "Why does having a cluttered house, a long to-do list of unfinished tasks or pictures, letters or old resentments involving ex's have anything to do with meeting a partner that is right for me?"

My answer to most women that ask me that is: It has a lot to do with it!

How Cleaning Your Closet Helps You Find Your Man

Let's start with the environmental clutter. Close your eyes and imagine an environment that you have been in the past where things are clean, organized and beautiful. Just imagine it and remember how it felt to be there. Feel that feeling of being there. 

Now, think of an environment where things were messy, dirty, unorganized and feel what it felt like to be there. As you might have noticed,your environment affects how you feel. It will either have you feel relaxed, peaceful and clear, or it can make you feel stressed, unfocused, or icky.

People pick up on our internal state way more then we realize. And men are attracted to radiant, happy, relaxed, and open women. If we don't have a clean beautiful space to unwind in when we are home, we can’t fully charge our radiant feminine essence.

Not to mention, how does it affect your energy to be getting ready to go out into the world when you can't find things or there is clutter every where causing you stress? If your home or other places where you spend time are cluttered or messy it is taking more of a toll on you than you think. When you love your environment, that appreciation and love fills you up and helps you de-stress.

Making Room For Your Man, (Even If You Haven't Met Him Yet)

The ancient art of Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your environment, so that energy or "chi" flows gently and smoothly through your home or business environment.

In this way your space just feels good and supports what you want out of life—whether it's a better career, new romance, improved health, or more income.

One of the things that is recommended for finding love is to make space for your future partner in your home. Such as space in your closet for his or her clothes, room in the drawers, two bedside tables. This will energetically help your own psyche let him or her into your world.

It is helpful to decorate your home to energetically feel like there is pairing or coupling energy. For example, a woman in the F.L.I.R.T. Course realized that she had paintings and photos decorating her home all depicting women who were alone.

The feelings of these paintings were one of loneliness. Although she resonated greatly with these images, it just perpetuated her feeling of sadness around being single. She lived in a very small apartment, and didn't have room for a lot of things, so in order to save space, she had a single bed and only one cup, dish and bowl. What this ended up saying to her subconsciously was that there was no one welcome in her home.

During The F.L.I.R.T. Class, she began to throw away things to make room in her closet for her future partner. She replaced the paintings on her walls with pictures of couples and images that reminded her of the love she wanted to feel. She arranged her furniture to fit a double bed and bought a set of two place settings.

After her home transformation she reported:

"Coming home now feels pleasurable as it gives me a glimpse of what it will feel like when I have a man in my life. It use to feel so bleak and lonely in my home, which really affected my energy level in and outside of my home.”

Take a look at your environment and see how you feel in it and ask yourself if it is a good place for love to come in. If you would like more information about what might be blocking you from having the love you want in you life check out the F.L.I.R.T. Course.

About the author:

Cinthia Dennis is a NLP Neuro Re-patterning Practitioner with a Masters Degree in Human Development and specializes in Dating and Relationships. She is the author of the forthcoming book, The Neural Pathway to Love"-A Single Woman's Guide to Changing the Brain in Order to Have Healthy Happy Relationships. She has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of men and women in her private NLP Neuro Repatterning Practice and the F.L.I.R.T. Course remove the hidden blocks that keep them stuck so they can have amazing love and relationships.

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