Sex Toys Are Not Just for Bad Girls Anymore


Sex toys are for everyone.

Sex Toys are NOT just for the "bad girls" anymore. It's hard for me to even conceive that people (well, Americans) use to think that you had to be a horny nympho to want to own a sex toy. I am a sex toy expert and I have made a career of selling sex toys, so maybe I have a whole different view of the world.

But, I want ALL women to be comfortable owning a sex toy. I didn't always sell sex toys. I had a pretty normal childhood. I got good grades. I was a thespian in high school. I was on the debate team. I played softball. I went to college. I worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years in the high tech industry. I was a virgin until I was 19. I would HARDLY consider myself to be a bad girl.

But, I have always LOVED sex toys. Like most young women, my first experince with a vibrator was with a "back massager." And, I digress, but have you seen the wonderful world of the modern day "back massagers"? They are works of art! i am a big fan of the new Mystic Wand by Vibratex.

Sex toys are for everyone. I have recently been re-inspired by two women who each bought their first sex toys from me. They are both over 50 and they trusted me enough to call me, ask me for advice and let me guide them to the right sex toy for them. Both of these women have been married for 20+ years and have a new found enthisiasm for their partner and sex. That is music to my ears!

Sex toys are for women of all ages, sizes and even for those "good girls" out there. Pleasure is our birthright. Some of us do need a little extra help to have an orgasm and a small clitoral stimulator can be just the ticket to that Bliss.